26 Feb 2019
what are pulses

Chances are, you have no idea what a “pulse” is and you’re not alone, as it’s documented that most American’s are not familiar with the term. But, we are here to help spread the good word! Let’s dive into this new (old, actually) superfood and how it can benefit your health. What are Pulses? Pulses […]

20 Feb 2019
gluten free kitchen

Note: For this resource, we are assuming that you have chosen to make your household 100% gluten-free. Scroll to the bottom of this post for posts on creating a safe household while living with gluten eaters. If you hate cleaning normally, you’re going to loathe the deep cleaning required to rid your kitchen of gluten. […]

14 Jan 2019
healthy living tips

2019 has fallen upon us like a winter snowfall. Fresh, beautiful, and full of possibilities. You might look upon a snowstorm and see the limitations but in reality, a winter storm brings opportunity. Living a gluten-free lifestyle can be similar. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the “can’ts” rather than the “cans”. Tandy HogateTandy […]

02 Jan 2019
celiac disease myths

While the gluten-free diet has been getting a lot of attention lately, many people still lack information about the diseases that would cause one to eliminate gluten from their life. Because much of the information about celiac disease is anecdotal, incomplete or otherwise difficult to understand, myths develop around what causes it, and how individuals […]