27 Sep 2016
healthy gluten free breakfast egg in a hole

Weekday mornings call for a simple, satisfying breakfast. Get your protein and carbs in one with this quick classic that no family member can refuse. When the air is gets crisp and the leaves start to change, I confess that I begin to crave elaborate baked goods laced with cinnamon and hearty braised dishes…. But […]

22 Sep 2016
Get Tested for Celiac Disease

Around 3 million Americans are currently living with celiac disease, but nearly 2.5 million of those people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. For those who suspect they have a health issue, it will be a difficult journey that takes 6-10 years, on average, before they are diagnosed with celiac disease. Most, however, will remain undiagnosed or […]

13 Sep 2016

As someone living with celiac disease, you have a greater impact on scientific research and medical discovery than you may think. Treatments and cures? You have an enormous impact on those as well. Patients usually see themselves on the receiving end of medical treatment. Doctors know how to diagnose and treat health problems, so by […]

06 Sep 2016
gluten free snack ideas

The idea of reaching for a snack between meals is often met with mixed reviews. While some experts claim that snacking leads to increased calorie consumption, others claim adding a few healthy snacks can actually banish mid-afternoon grogginess and provide much needed fuel to get through active days. Additional noted benefits of snacking include keeping your blood […]

02 Sep 2016
gluten free lunchbox ideas

End of summer often marks back-to-school time and the daily challenge of keeping your child’s lunchbox fresh, enticing and gluten free. Your child may be restricted to a gluten free diet because of health reasons or you simply promote a gluten free lifestyle in your home. Either way, there are many gluten free lunchbox ideas […]