Three Bakers History

Dan and Jane at the Three Bakers gluten-free bakery.

Our History

Three Bakers was born out of passion, a passion driven by a personal experience with celiac disease, a traditional family bakery and the need to intersect two worlds.

Jane Trygar grew up helping her dad bake delicious breads and pastries in the family bakery in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There was a young man helping out who attended the same college as Jane. One day they noticed each other in a class and the Jane & Dan family came soon after. Dan became the head baker before long and worked at the family bakery for the next 18 years.

When Jane found out that she had celiac disease in 2002, she was heartbroken to realize that eating a gluten-free meant going without wheat, barley and rye. When Jane realized things that were destroying her body were the same ingredients at the center of her family’s baking business she was devastated. Dan saw how much Jane missed the delicious baked goods she had grown up with and he became determined to use his baking skills to make her favorite recipes gluten-free.

That proved much more challenging than expected. Gluten free products at that time (if you could find them) resembled her beloved baked goods but tasted terrible, were dry & crumbly and very poor on nutrition. To bake “more than edible” recipes, Dan embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. He researched all the information available about gluten-free flours and how they worked together. He experimented with alternative binders to prevent dry, crumbly gluten-free dough. After many failed attempts, Dan finally found a magic combination to make a great pizza crust. Pizza was Jane’s favorite food. Jane loved it and so did four of their kids who were gluten free too.

The Beginning of Three Bakers Gluten-Free Bakery

After his initial success with pizza dough, Dan went after his favorites: breads, rolls, cakes and cookies. Dan soon succeeded and he and Jane started baking small batches in their home and selling products in the family bakery. It wasn’t long before they couldn’t keep up with demand. So they took a big leap of faith betting their life savings and bought some commercial baking ovens, moved out of the family bakery and into a gluten free environment, and a new business was born.

Word of these great tasting gluten free products spread fast, and business grew so quickly that they were soon sending their gluten-free products to customers all over the country.

When it came time to name their growing brand, Jane and Dan wanted to honor the man who helped get them started – Jane’s father who had passed along his passion for baking and the Three Bakers brand was born.

Jane’s family continues to live gluten free and Dan keeps developing new, great tasting & healthy whole grain products. They hope you’ll taste their passion for excellence baked into every Three Bakers’ product.