Gluten Free Resources

The gluten-free community on the web is vast, diverse, and ready to help. The bloggers, organizations, message boards, and other gluten free resources listed below were curated so you know you’re not living in a bubble, and only eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

gluten free resources

Our hope is that you find the same comfort as our founder Jane Trygar did, when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, in the community of individuals who have done their research (often using themselves and their own experiences as their “laboratory”) and blazed the gluten-free path before you.

Whether you want to know how to ask your doctor for a diagnosis with a blood test to measure anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody (tTGA) and anti-endomysium antibody (EMA) levels or you need a delicious gluten-free waffle recipe, you’re a quick search away from finding what you need to make you feel better – inside and out. – The holy grail of news, information, and conversation around celiac disease, gluten-free living, and everything therein. Active, friendly forums.

Beyond Celiac – Working to improve the quality of life for individuals with celiac disease, including improving food labeling to be safer and more accurate.

Gluten Free Buyer’s Guide – Offering ‘Best of’ awards where consumers get to vote on their favorite products.

Gluten-Free Hot Products – Honest reviews about the latest and greatest gluten-free offerings.

Celiac Disease Foundation – Partners with their Medical Advisory Board, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute of Health and others organizations to offer information and support to celiacs and others with gluten-related health issues.

Gluten-Free Living – Magazine serving up a monthly curated dose of the most interesting news and delicious gluten-free recipes. – Search for the local gluten-free community in your area, or start a group of your own.

Gluten Intolerance Group – Non-profit organization aiming to help individuals living gluten-free make informed, evidence-based decisions about their health.

Celiac Sprue Association – Another wonderful organization with support groups scattered across the country. Additional services – aside from the bountiful information on their main site.

GF Overflow – Search a giant database of gluten-free products. Perfect for those moments of despair when you think you’ll never be able to eat this or that food ever again. (Trust me, you will eat chicken parmesan again. There are 81 different results for “pasta”.)

Very Well – Great place to begin your research. Simple, scannable content on a variety of topics.

Gluten Free & More – Wonderful gluten-free magazine for those of us who prefer the real thing to curling up with an iPad.

Celiac Corner – Created by Paula Gardner as a place to organize her own research after being diagnosed w. celiac disease. Check out her “Essentials” sidebar for must-read articles.

Gluten-Free Certification Organization – Labeling program to make it easy for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance to make safe food choices. – Find travel reviews from the places you’ve been dying to visit, empowering you to make informed choices about where to refuel when your off on your next adventure. – Excellent basic information and a loooong list of delicious recipes.

Gluten-Free Resource Directory – Directory of gluten-free products around a grid of very delicious looking photographs. If you find yourself drooling all over your keyboard, remember I warned you!

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation – Works to improve the lives of these children by educating their friends and families. Check out their online support community.

Finding Joy’s “10 Authentic Resources for Gluten-Free” – This post will help remind you that you are a beautiful, wonderful person that is not defined by your diet if you don’t’ want to be. Take a breather… and continue.

Allergy Eats! – Free search engine recommends restaurants based on your food allergies.

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center – Information hub for those looking for denser academic research around celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Easily – Recipes coupled with beautiful pictures make this site a visual feast even before you take a bite of the food you make.

Whole Foods Recipe Finder – Searching their recipe finder for ‘gluten-free recipes’ can help stimulate your imagination when you’re bored of your gluten-free standbys.

Delight Gluten-Free – Print issues, digital issues, and video make this magazine a multimedia experience of gluten-free goodness.

The Celiac Scene – Digital map of restaurants and other gluten-free establishments (including fast food -yumm) in North America and Canada, eh.

Once a Month Mom – Get organized with easy menus complete with shopping lists.

Easy Eats – Online magazine with delicious recipes and beautiful food photos.

The Children’s Clinic & The Allergy Centre – When you need fact based-evidence to shut down naysayers and be confident in asserting yourself to ignorant restaurant staff, Dr. Rodney Ford has the answers. – Coupons and freebies perfect for the gluten-free family on a budget.

The Gluten File – Academic articles for the brainy celiac.

The Food Doc – Dr. Scot Michael Lewey is a gastrologist specializing in what ails ya’. Leaky gut? Check. Celiac disease? Check. Other food allergies? Check, check, and check.

TasteSpotting Gluten-Free Recipes – Run a quick search for ‘gluten-free’ recipes or specific gluten-free dishes. The site becomes a wonderland of gluten-free goodies.

Mayo Clinic Celiac Disease Blog – Perfect for those of us who want a little more information than just “celiac disease hurts your tummy” but not so much “gliadin” and “prolamin peptides”.

Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center – A respected center of research and patient care.

/r/GlutenFree – While Reddit isn’t always the family-friendliest of sites, their gluten-free board is the home of an active, helpful, honest community.

Fearless Dining –  Gluten free mom, recipe experimenter, and gluten free advocate.

Gluten Dude – A gluten free blog and an awesome celiac community.

I’m a Celiac – Gluten-free blogger with celiac disease. Lots of great recipes.

Three Bakers Gluten-Free Blog – Our list of gluten-free resources would be complete with our own gluten-free blogs.

Gluten-Free Bloggers – Another wonderful resource is our list of 25 of Our Favorite Gluten Free Bloggers.

The Helpful GF – A gluten-free website containing gluten-free recipes, reviews of gluten-free products and restaurants, and lifestyle tips for living gluten-free.