gf recipes trifle

What is a Trifle? A Trifle is a dessert with layers of cream and fruit with a sponge cake or some other form of cake or cookie, such as a ladyfinger. It was so much fun to create this exciting dessert. I was thinking, “how great it would be if I were to create a […]

gluten-free diet

Transitioning to a gluten free diet doesn’t have to be daunting, or complicated. While many of the foods you’ve been eating may contain gluten, there are so many more that are naturally gluten free. Though at first look, it may seem you are limited to the gluten free diet section of the supermarket, you’ll notice […]

protein pancakes

Join us each Saturday in April as we share a fun recipe using our award-winning, gluten free treats, Snackers, from student and recipe developer, Kelsey Johnson. Our second installment utilizes our Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor in protein-packed pancakes.