You have questions, we have answers! If we have not covered your specific question, please email us directly.

Where can I find your products?

We are working hard to get our products into retail locations nationwide! Chances are there is a location near you. To find out, simply enter your address or zip code into the Store Locator on our Where to Buy Page.

What is the best way to store the bread?

Here are our recommendations for storing and enjoying Three Bakers bread:

  • Keep Frozen for longest shelf life. Thaw in plastic bag or microwave. Before storing in the freezer thaw enough to separate each slice. Then place in the freezer and the slices won’t be stuck together.
  • Bread can be stored on counter: (Our breads have a 4-5 day shelf life on the counter depending on humidity level.)
  • Bread can be stored in the refrigerator: (The shelf life is a bit longer in the refrigerator but bread may be a bit drier.)

What is the best way to cook your pizzas?

Fully preheat the oven before you take it out of the freezer. The pizzas cook best when they go directly from freezer to a fully preheated oven (without the wrapping, of course).

There are times in certain situations, the pizzas sometimes can fall through the rack, to ensure that doesn’t happen put it on a preheated pizza pan or stone.

Do not cook the pizzas on the supplied cardboard.

Are your products manufactured on shared equipment with tree nuts?

We currently do not have any products containing peanuts or tree nuts (we do have sesame seeds in our facility). However, we are not nut free certified. This means we do not know if ingredients coming into our facility are manufactured on shared equipment with nuts of any kind.

Are your products non-GMO?

Yes! All of our breads, buns, rolls and the cheese pizza are non-GMO. All our Snackers – except Real Cheddar – are non-GMO.

Do your products contain egg, dairy or soy?

All our breads are soy and dairy free, our pizzas contain dairy. And, all the products contain egg.

You can find the ingredients of each product on that specific product page.

Are your products certified gluten free?

Yes! Three Bakers products are Certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group known as GIG.

Learn more about Our Promise here.

Are your products kosher?

Sorry, they are not.

Do you offer coupons?

Please email us directly with your coupon request.

Are you willing to sell retail directly?

If you have an interest in purchasing our products directly, please email us directly.

Did you change your recipe?

We have not changed our recipe.

Are your products being discontinued at my local store?

The retailers we work with are independent, which means they manage the products that are sold at their store. If your favorite product is not easily available, we encourage you to reach out to the manager to inquire about the status. If, indeed, it has been discontinued, please use our Retail Request Form to request it to be restocked.

Find our retail request form here >>

What if there is an issue with the bread?

We take every precaution to ensure there are no issues with the bread, however, sometimes events beyond our control between the bakery and the store may occur. If you have an issue with your bread, please email the issue, any photos, and the information on the white closure tab and email us directly.