13 May 2019
breads that are gluten free

We get it. You’re looking for great tasting bread that is gluten-free. In fact, when we started out many years ago, we too were seeking tolerable replacements for wheat-based bread. Our founders, Jane and Dan Trygar after a celiac diagnosis, set out to do just that. After many failed attempts, baker Dan finally found the […]

06 May 2019
celiac awareness month

Held each May, Celiac Awareness Month is an event recognized throughout the United States to help raise awareness about celiac disease. Supported by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and other organizations, the goal is to provide support for those affected with the disease. In today’s post, we’ll talk about what celiac disease is, and offer […]

03 May 2019
gluten free bloggers

The internet is exploding with ideas and inspiration, which can be exciting yet daunting too. While it can be fun to spend hours scrolling through feeds, sometimes we just want to cut to the chase with relevant (gluten-free and celiac) info to inspire us with great recipes, product ideas, and information. We decided to revisit […]

22 Apr 2019
gluten free flour substitutes

As the prominence of gluten-free products continues to strive in the marketplace, one of the gluten-free items we’re excited to see more of on store shelves are wheat flour substitutes. People all know that wheat is the commonly used product for baking where gluten provides elasticity to the dough. In this case, healthy-living enthusiasts live […]

25 Mar 2019
celiac friendly camping

As the weather shifts to longer, warmer days, we can’t help but start planning for fun activities that will be ultimate outdoor enjoyment. One such activity is CAMPING! It’s hard to avoid fun in the sun when the weather is warm and nature is at its finest, from one of our wonderful national or state […]