16 Apr 2020
gluten free shopping

So, you have recently discovered you have a gluten intolerance, or perhaps you want to cut gluten out of your diet for health reasons such as because of a celiac disease diagnosis. Whatever the case may be, grocery shopping will never be the same. You’ll need to be aware and alert on every food purchase.

Fear not, because a gluten-free shopping trip is easier than you think. Here is how to navigate the grocery store when you are gluten-free.

Gluten Free Shopping Tips

Before you head out to the market, you’ll need to be armed with information on what you can and cannot eat. Be sure to visit>> What is a Celiac Disease Diet

Stay In The Store’s Outer Rim

Grocery stores have different layouts, but most of them have the something in common. The meat, dairy and produce departments are usually in the outer rim of the store. These foods are mostly gluten-free, and are generally better for you than the inside aisles, which contain lots of processed foods (that are gluten rich).

Be Extra Mindful at the Meat & Deli Counter

Avoid choosing meats in refrigerator cases withоut plastic wrap covering them, because of mаnу оf thоѕе cases may аlѕо соntаin foods with bread crumbs аnd оthеr non-celiac safe ingredients. Thе display cases соntаin fans tо move thе air around, аnd thе blowers аlѕо саn blow loose crumbs оntо уоur naked meat. Whеn in doubt, pick ѕоmеthing pre-packaged.

When it comes to buying poultry at the meat counter, some may include a broth оr liquid intended tо “plump” it, which may contain gluten. Research the manufacturer of the poultry before buying any with broth, or forgo the plumped chicken altogether. Some sausages соntаin breadcrumbs аѕ a filler, ѕо check those labels carefully.

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Read The Labels

While there are many foods that are made with wheat and flour, you would be surprised at how many do not. Certain foods like pasta, candy and condiments have products that are gluten free, and always have been. Now they have labels advertising this fact. Being gluten free can have its fair share of restrictions, but you would be surprised at the stuff you can have under those guidelines.

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Check The Natural Foods Section

While you may not find alternative baking, cereal and pasta options next to their mainstream counterparts, you very well likely will find them in the natural foods section. Brands such as Bob’s Red Mill have been cranking out high quality alternatives for quite some time now. Typically, in this section you’ll find bulk items like corn or rice flour, so you can make gluten free baked goods. Unfortunately, many of these gluten free goods typically come with a higher price tag.

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Don’t Forget the Freezer Aisle

Because many gluten free baked items do not have the additives to make them shelf-stable, you’ll often find them in the freezer aisle, in a dedicated section. You’ll find gluten free breads, rolls, buns, pizzas and more. Once you’ve purchased your frozen bread products, you can leave many of them out for a number of days (our breads, for example, have a shelf life of between 4-5 days).

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A gluten intolerance may turn your world upside down, but its not as bad as you’d think. A food shopping trip for instance, does not have to be a harrowing experience. Staying in the outer rim of the store will go a long way in filling your cart with what you need and nothing you do not. Reading the labels will clue you in to what you can and cannot have. Of course, you can always go to the natural foods section, which has a variety of gluten-free foods. Next time you are at the store, follow these instructions to stay gluten-free. You will be glad you did.


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