30 Jun 2016
kids and food allergies

It can be very overwhelming to find out that your child has a food allergy whether it is mild or it produces severe, life threatening symptoms. It can be beneficial to find out where certain symptoms are coming from but many parents feel very alone when their child gets a food allergy diagnosis and it […]

21 Jun 2016
what does it feel like to get glutened

If you’re living gluten free, you likely know all too well what it feels like when gluten makes it’s way into your diet. In the celiac world, this is called “getting glutened” – it’s also known as gluten poisoning. Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it? Well, it is not. Those who have recently been diagnosed […]

14 Jun 2016
top rated gluten free bread

The words “gluten free” are not something most people want to hear about when it comes to bread. It generally doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the word “delicious.” However, with gluten free food becoming such a hot topic in today’s society, this is no longer the case! Here are 5 reasons that a top rated gluten […]

09 Jun 2016
celiac disease diagnosis

Has your doctor just informed you that you have celiac disease? The first feelings you’ll have when finding out about your condition will range anywhere from shock to sadness. You might even find yourself fearing what your new life will be like. You know that your celiac disease diagnosis will have a restricting effect on […]