09 Jun 2016
celiac disease diagnosis

Has your doctor just informed you that you have celiac disease? The first feelings you’ll have when finding out about your condition will range anywhere from shock to sadness. You might even find yourself fearing what your new life will be like. You know that your celiac disease diagnosis will have a restricting effect on what you can eat, but you might stress about how to be sure whether one particular food choice is safe or not. That’s one of the reasons we here at Three Bakers hope to become a resource after a celiac disease diagnosis.

Helpful Resources After a Celiac Disease Diagnosis

These celiac resources will help you learn and manage your condition until your new diet and lifestyle seem natural and effortless.

Beyond Celiac

Beyond Celiac  – previously known asNational Foundation for Celiac Awareness – has a mission to advance widespread understanding of celiac disease works to secure early diagnosis and effective management. The BC community empowers those who have been diagnosed to live life to the fullest by offering a plethora of online resources and support.

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Celiac Disease Foundation

The Celiac Disease Foundation is one of the most useful and robust celiac resource available. Its directory of local support groups and food guide articles are incredibly helpful whether you just received your celiac disease diagnosis or you’ve been coping with the condition for years.

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Gluten Dude

In order to feel comfortable and confident about your new lifestyle, you want to find support from those already managing a gluten free lifestyle. Gluten Dude‘s blog is a laid back tell-all from the perspective of a celiac disease patient diagnosed in 2007. He talks candidly about the frustration and feelings of loss related to a celiac disease diagnosis and how to pick up the pieces and move forward.

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Nima Sensor

If you are ready to start your new healthier and gluten free lifestyle out on the right foot and forego any errant gluten attacks, you might want to investigate this handy piece of modern tech, the Nima Sensor. The Nima Sensor is a portable food testing device that allows celiac patients to check any food for trace amounts of gluten. A restaurant might advertise gluten free french fries but could have prepared them in a deep fryer co-mingled with other non-gluten-free foods. The Nima Sensor will help you avoid gluten attacks and that’s a huge help for any celiac patient.

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If anybody tells you that your new gluten-free diet is going to be an exciting, easy-breezy walk in the park, then they’re definitely sugar-coating the truth. However, despite the downsides, there are definitely some very helpful resources available for those coping with a celiac disease diagnosis. Without such tools, the change you’re facing could be far more complicated and cumbersome.

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