27 Sep 2016
healthy gluten free breakfast egg in a hole

Weekday mornings call for a simple, satisfying breakfast. Get your protein and carbs in one with this quick classic that no family member can refuse.

When the air is gets crisp and the leaves start to change, I confess that I begin to crave elaborate baked goods laced with cinnamon and hearty braised dishes…. But sometimes on a cool morning it is the simplest things that taste the best. A bit of butter or oil, a slice of really good gluten free bread packed with seeded goodness, and an egg is all you need for an utterly perfect meal. A healthy gluten free breakfast made easy!

Completely delicious, and so simple, Egg in a Hole is one of the first things my kiddos learned to cook. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll even have the kids pick their favorite shaped cookie cutter to make the hole in the bread. Who doesn’t love an egg shaped like a heart, and it is a fun way to encourage your kids to help in the kitchen.

Besides breakfasts, this tasty morsel also makes a quick lunch or light dinner.

Healthy Gluten Free Breakfast – Egg in a Hole

one serving

Cut a round hole in the center of a slice of Three Bakers MaxOmega Bread bread with a cookie cutter or the rim of a small glass.

Heat half of the butter or oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Add the cutout portion of bread and cook until it’s toasted on both sides. Set aside.

Heat remaining butter or oil and add the outer portion of bread. Crack the egg, putting the egg gently in the hole of the bread. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook until egg white is set. You may leave the yolk a bit runny if desired or allow to set up more, based on your preference. Serve warm with the toasted center portion.

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