08 Jan 2020
health food trends for 2020

Every year brings with it a number of new health food trends. Some of these trends focus on “superfoods”, while others have proven to be not as healthy as originally assumed. Regardless, 2020 is no different. There are a handful of trends and emerging food styles to consider. So whether you want to stay up on what’s hip in the world of diet food or you’re looking for new options to add to your current dietary regimen, here are the healthy food trends to look for in 2020.

Health Food Trends for 2020

Move Over Cauliflower

Over the last several years cauliflower has been used in just about every way possible. As a replacement for pizza crusts, as an alternative to tater-tots, as food wraps, veggie chicken wings, and just about everything else you can think of. Whether you subscribed to this dietary switch-up or not, it’s hard to deny cauliflower had itself a year. However, this year there looks to be a new player in the replacement food selection.

Sweet potatoes are looking to move in on the cauliflower turf. While it might not completely replace it as the do-everything option, you’re going to start finding several traditional foods made with sweet potatoes. This includes food staples like pasta, fries (although sweet potato fries have been around for some time now), and even bread. By turning sweet potatoes into flower, it’s possible to bake cookies, pies, and other snacks using sweet potatoes. Best of all, they’re gluten free!

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A Shooting Star

If something looks good on Instagram it’s only a matter of time before it’s popular. People love to document their food (for better or for worse). So it’s a bit surprising it has taken this long, but sales of star fruit are starting to climb. And, honestly, if you’ve ever had star fruit before you probably are wondering why it’s taken this long as well. Star fruit is delicious, low in calories, high in fiber, and a great snack. The problem has always been it’s price is significantly higher than most other fruits at the grocery store.

With the increase in popularity, it should become easier to track down star fruit at your local grocery store and, hopefully, for a lower price point. So, regardless of how you document your foods for social media, 2020 may very well be the year of the star fruit.

The Impossible Fish

health food trends for 2020Plant-based meats were everywhere last year. In fact, it became such a trend that fast-food chains like Burger King and Dunkin Donuts have started to offer plant-based burgers and breakfast sandwiches. Well, the next step in this evolution is the plant-based fish. Similar to what you’d find with a burger, these fish substitutes are made of soy, seaweed, and several other ingredients.

Now, replacing burgers and being on par nutritionally with beef is one thing, but fish is already extremely low on fat, high on protein, and packed with a number of other health benefits. So it’s too early to determine whether the fake-fish options can compete nutrition-wise. But if you’re vegan and you want a fish substitute, this might be something to consider.

Collagen Powder

If you’ve spent time in the health and supplement section of your grocery store you’ve probably seen a massive increase in collagen powders available over the last year or so. Collagen helps tighten skin while boosting its elasticity. So individuals who are looking for ways to improve their skin are turning to add collagen powders. And now, it’s possible to add it into coffee, protein shakes, and everything else. Expect to see this trend continue.

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Just like everything else, food trends are constantly changing and evolving. From adding collagen powder to coffee to seeking out fish alternatives, these are just a handful of the healthy food trends to consider going into 2020.

When you have celiac disease, removing gluten from your diet is always “on trend”. We hope you’ll continue to use Three Bakers as a favorite gluten free product option and online resource!

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