19 Dec 2019
As 2019 winds down and we reflect on our year, we can’t help but look back on some of the great information we learned throughout the year, some of the amazing recipes that our contributors shared and, of course, all the comments and feedback we received from YOU. We are grateful for you in our community.

Top Gluten Free Blog Posts of 2019

Moving into 2020, we’re excited about what the new decade will bring with information regarding celiac disease, how to live gluten free and, all the new tasty gluten free recipes our contributors will bring!
In the meantime, here are our most popular posts of 2019.

Making Your Kitchen Gluten Free – Our Guide to Preparing Your Gluten-Free Kitchen

gluten free kitchen

If you hate cleaning normally, you’re going to loathe the deep cleaning required to rid your kitchen of gluten. But it’s something that you need to do if you want to heal your intestines.

Plus, you don’t have to do everything at once. Block out 3 – 4 hours this weekend to get started with the basics. Once you’ve created a small space that you can use safely, you can continue to clean over time until your whole kitchen is a gluten-free safe haven.

Learn more about setting up your gluten free kitchen in this post >>


Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Loaf

gluten free cinnamon roll loaf

Nothing truly beats waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh baked breakfast treats, and living a Gluten-Free lifestyle shouldn’t be holding you back. This recipe is almost as easy as popping open a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls with the same delicious cinnamon sugar flavors you know and love.

What is the Vaccine for Celiac Disease and Will It Really Work?

what is the celiac vaccine

It is estimated that close to 1% of the world population suffers from celiac disease. There is currently no known vaccine for celiac disease. However, a team of researchers from ImmusanT Inc. could be on the verge of providing much-needed relief to people who have celiac disease. A majority of people outside the field of gastroenterology were oblivious of the research until the results of Phase1 trials were published.

Summer Topping Ideas for Gluten Free Pizza Crust

best gluten free pizza crust

On busy weeknights, a fast meal that is delicious and tasty – and also gluten free –  is something every busy family needs. How about considering topping one of the best gluten free pizza crusts with fun toppings and throwing it on the grill? It’s fast, delicious and sure to please the entire family.

5 Things No One Tells You About Living Gluten Free

gluten free travel

Gluten allergies have seemingly increased in recent years. Or, at the very least, more attention has been given to gluten and, in some instances, the need to live a gluten-free lifestyle. If this is something you are considering you will want to educate yourself on what it entails. This includes these five things that you may not discover ahead of time about living a gluten-free life.

10 Frustrating Celiac Disease Myths

celiac disease myths

While the gluten-free diet has been getting a lot of attention lately, many people still lack information about the diseases that would cause one to eliminate gluten from their life. Because much of the information about celiac disease is anecdotal, incomplete or otherwise difficult to understand, myths develop around what causes it, and how individuals should manage it.

In this post I’d like to address ten of these frustrating celiac disease myths, starting with the most infuriating…

Learn them here >>


7 Signs Of Celiac Disease That Often Go Unrecognized

symptoms of celiac disease

Celiac disease is an intestinal digestive disease that causes your body to react when you consume gluten. About 1 out of every 100 Americans suffers from this kind of disease and it is typically passed down genetically (so you can thank your parents for that one). While there are some far more common symptoms of the disease, such as obvious allergic reactions whenever you eat bread or consume pasta, there are less noticeable signs of the disease that may be going on right under your nose. In fact, here are seven signs of celiac disease that often go unrecognized.

Best Flour Substitutes for Gluten-Free Baking

gluten free flour substitutes

As the prominence of gluten-free products continues to strive in the marketplace, one of the gluten-free items we’re excited to see more of on store shelves are wheat flour substitutes. People all know that wheat is the commonly used product for baking where gluten provides elasticity to the dough. In this case, healthy-living enthusiasts live by the idea that gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains such as barley, rye, oat, spelt, kamut and triticale. Having this said, people who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance must avoid all sources of gluten. Fortunately, there are growing resources of alternatives which bakers could use to recreate traditional baked goods they may have thought they’d never have again.

5 Gluten-Free Restaurants We Are Excited to Try

gluten free restaurants

Dining out isn’t just a luxury, for many families it’s a great time to bond, allows people to engage socially, and best of all, offers up the opportunity for someone other than yourself to plan, prep, cook and clean up after a meal. However, for those of us with celiac disease, choosing restaurants can be tricky. First, you have to find out if they have gluten-free offerings, then you have to wonder if there may be cross-contamination issues.

We decided to explore gluten-free restaurants around the United States, that are not only known for their gluten-free menu but also for their flavor combinations.

Here’s what we discovered >>

What to Know About Probiotics When You Follow a Gluten Free Diet

probiotics gluten free diet three bakers

Whether you have removed gluten from your diet for lifestyle choices or for health purposes, living gluten free does have its benefits. However, by removing gluten completely from your diet you are removing a number of fiber-rich items, which can in turn leave your stomach and digestive tract susceptible to some ailments. Even if you add in a fiber supplement there are certain issues your body might run into, including what is known as a leaky gut. A leaky gut may lead to the development of other, more serious problems, which is why you need to potentially consider probiotics when you are on a gluten free diet.

Learn more here >>

There you have it! Our top posts of 2019. We can’t wait to see what the new year (decade!) brings in gluten free living.
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