14 Oct 2019
gluten free halloween treats

With Halloween approaching,  revelers with celiac disease tend to start thinking about how they’re going to get through get-togethers, parties and other events. If you or someone who know has celiac disease, you may be thinking about some gluten free Halloween treats that everyone can enjoy either when you’re hosting or for handing out to […]

18 Jan 2017
gluten free avocado toast

There’s just something about avocado on toast. That creamy texture, those healthy fats, the simplicity… we can’t get enough of it! Neither can some of our favorite Instagrammers. We have gathered all our favorite gluten free avocado toast recipes in one easy-to-follow post here. We can all use more of that silky, delectable – and […]

06 Sep 2016
gluten free snack ideas

The idea of reaching for a snack between meals is often met with mixed reviews. While some experts claim that snacking leads to increased calorie consumption, others claim adding a few healthy snacks can actually banish mid-afternoon grogginess and provide much needed fuel to get through active days. Additional noted benefits of snacking include keeping your blood […]