10 Feb 2020
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Looking for the best gluten-free bread? We don’t mean to boast… but we happen to think ours is top notch. And, the wonderful thing is that our customers tend to agree! Take a look at some of these gluten-free bread reviews we’ve seen on our Facebook page. Real customers. Real reviews.

Gluten-Free Bread Reviews

We have tried every gluten free bread we have come across over the last 7-8 years and I have never found one that makes a good French toast. It comes out dry or falls apart in the pan. Three Bakers bread makes the absolute BEST French toast. It’s almost like eating regular French toast. Great for buttered toast as well. Absolutely love it! ~Lynn Ellbee

honestly…the best gluten free bread! only brand I buy. sucks having an allergy to gluten , but this makes.it tolerable. ~Amber Ackley

I’ve been gluten free for almost 10 years and I’ve done my share of experimenting with different brands. I’ve been using Udi’s bread for a while now but I was having a lot of issues with constantly having holes in them and even though for the most part it tasted decent it would fall apart very easily. When I was at the store a few days ago I decided to try something new and I came across Three Bakers. This bread is absolutely delicious! I got the ancient grain. The texture and taste is great and it has a lot of nutritional value which is also important to me. Im looking forward to trying the other products.  ~Michelle Toth

I have a 4 and 3 year old that are gluten free, and the thing I hate the most about it is the bread. I hate that you buy a frozen loaf for a million dollars and then have to chip it apart with a butter knife, only to have half the slices break off in unusable chunks. A few months ago my local Kroger was out of Udi’s GF bread, so I sucked it up and paid the couple extra bucks for a loaf of this brand. Never looked back. I haven’t had a single slice break on me, and I don’t have to use a knife to separate them. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes, yes, yes. ~Brigette Stamp

After trying many other Gluten free breads, I bought the Great Seed bread at my local Publix. It is absolutely the best of all. I toast it lightly and no longer miss regular breads. It gets crunchy and flavorful. It puts all the others to shame. Try it!! ~Aaron Greenberg

I love this bread so much that I have 2 loaves in the freezer and one thawed I use daily. I kid you not, Three Bakers bread is so good that I grabbed the bag to get a slice and I ended up eating more than I should have right from the bag!! It’s great toasted or as sandwich bread out of the bag. I called the store ahead (I was going just for the bread) and she said they had out but if it was empty there was more in the back. Well, it was empty when I left. I was standing there telling everyone about it. The clerk said all of her gluten free customers love it. Thank you for making a delicious alternative. ~Beth Griffith

I live in Utah, but was visiting my dad in Pa. recently. I found Three Bakers breads at a local Weis Market. I was surprised to find a Rye version and bought it to try. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the taste but texture. Now that I have returned home to Utah, I will definitely be shopping where I can find Three Bakers’ products. Thank you for making bread products that are delicious and don’t fall apart when you try to eat it! You have a new fan! Love everything I’ve tried! ~ Tammy Devine Palmer

I recently found out I can’t have gluten. I just bought three Baker’s 7 ancient grains gluten free bread and I’m so impressed. They can take my money and run!! ~ Olivia Johnson

I was diagnosed with Celiacs one year ago. Bread used to be my favorite thing. I’ve tried several gf brands in the last year and they have all been appalling. I’ve had a stomach bug the last few days and wanted to do the BRAT diet thing. Hubby grabbed Three Bakers bread today. I toasted it up and almost cried it tasted so freaking good. Absolutely incredible! Love love love it! Gluten free bread actually can taste good… great even! ~ Brianne Culliton

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Whether you have chosen gluten-free bread due to a celiac disease diagnosis, a gluten intolerance or simply because you prefer the taste and nutrition it has to offer, we hope these real stories of Three Baker’s products have encouraged you to give us a try.

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