15 May 2017
gluten-free food

Avoiding gluten in foods is essential for anyone with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, but just because it’s labeled as such doesn’t mean everyone cannot enjoy the benefits of a diet without the proteins found in gluten. The healthy choices of a gluten-free diet includes whole foods, protein, and gluten free (oftentimes ancient) grains which can benefit everyone. That fact of the matter is, a gluten-free diet is not just for people with celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Food Everyone Can Enjoy


All fruits are gluten-free food. Apples, oranges, berries, and melon, along with all the other delicious choices are pure and have no gluten. Fresh, frozen, and dehydrated fruit are all good. The suspicious food to watch the labels for gluten is anything with fruit added. Read the label to identify any grains and yeast.


Green, red, yellow, and red vegetables are full of nutrition and antioxidants. Like fruits, vegetables are naturally gluten free in their fresh or frozen state. Sauces made from or accompanying vegetables often have added gluten. Topping vegetables with simple oil and vinegar or butter is an excellent way to add dimension in flavor to the vegetables while staying gluten free.


Natural milk, cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese are naturally gluten free food. Yogurt is gluten free but you should check the label for additives. Ice cream is another food in which you should make yourself or read the fine print for additions to the ice cream. Dairy products are rich in vitamins and protein.


Beans come in many varieties are full of protein without gluten. One of the most satisfying foods is beans. They are filling and nutrient. Red, white, black beans, and many other varieties store in a dry form or fresh. Hummus is a delicious gluten-free food made from chickpeas, which are in the legume family.


Fresh meat comes in chicken, beef, turkey, or fish. All meat is naturally gluten free food. Be careful of stuffing, sauces, and coatings. Cooking lean meat without frying in fat reducing processes is the healthiest way to enjoy meat.

Gluten-Free Grains

Brown rice, quinoa, oats, amaranth, corn grits, millet, sorghum, and teff are all excellent choices of grain without the gluten and recommended by the Celiac Support Association. Find our ingredients list with each product.

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Everyone can enjoy a gluten free diet without added sugar and fat. Whether you have celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity, or just taking a break from gluten, there are so many healthy and delicious options from which to choose.

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