24 Apr 2017
snack food trends

Americans are busier than ever, from work to play, we can’t help but to constantly be on the go. As a result, snacking trends are shifting. In the Hartman Group’s Future of Snacking 2016 report, the vast majority of Americans who snack multiple times per day nearly 10% forgo meals altogether in favor of snacking. Findings go on to detail that we are snacking for nourishment to help meet daily sustenance, for optimization to help fulfill mental and physical performance and for pleasure for enjoyment, craving, and comfort.

Snack Food Trends to Look for in 2017

Consumer expectations are also changing. Recent trends are shifting to show that we are moving away from fat, calorie, and salt laden donuts, chips and soft drinks, 2017 is looking different, food is going healthy.  Healthy food trends are shifting over to bold flavor over sugary treats. We are looking for snacks that will give more bang for the buck…. big flavor without the extras.

Here are some snack food ideas that are both “on trend” and will also satisfy those midday cravings with little fats and sugar.

Gluten Free Snacks

A handful of Snackers is really all you need to satisfy your craving. We’re proud to say that our Snackers are lower in fat, calories, sugar and salt than other pre-packaged choices (plus, they’re non-GMO). You can rest assured you’ll these treats – which are better for you than cookies, and tastier than crackers – pack a nutritious punch.

Veggie Chips

Talk about snack food trends, have you heard of veggie chips?  No, not the ones that have little if no vegetables in them, but those made with real veggies, oil and a dab of salt. You’ll soon find them everywhere and you can enjoy kale, sweet potato and more. Better yet, veggie chips are super easy to make at home. So good!

Fresh Berries

Such a pop-able little treat, full of flavor, naturally sweet, loads of vitamin C, fiber, and just 85 calories.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Who cares if it’s brown or white?  One large egg is a great snack! Only 75 calories and you’re satisfied.


When you open the pod, you’ll find a wonderfully delicious gem.  What a snack. It’s rich in protein and guess what?  You’ll get two peas in a pod!


Need chocolate?  Well, just 2 squares of dark chocolate is actually good for you.  Make sure it’s a hundred-percent dark chocolate though.


Almonds, cashews, walnuts – nuts are a mainstay in snack food trends. Why? Because they’re chockfull of protein and can help you stay full longer. Protein helps with brain power, so if you’re looking for peak performance a handful of nuts is a must.


Who doesn’t love this refreshing, sweet, juicy treasure?  The one snack where you can eat a whole lot for very little caloric intake. Make it even more fun when you slice, sprinkle with blueberries, add a popsicle stick and freeze. An easy, on-the-go treat that’s both fun and healthy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are healthy foods for everyone. Go for it and eat healthily!

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