21 Apr 2017
brain disorders and gluten free diet

A brain disorder means that the brain cells have been destroyed or there is a degeneration in those cells. According to Healthline, “When your brain is damaged, it can affect many different things, including your memory, your sensation, and even your personality. Brain disorders include any conditions or disabilities that affect your brain.” This includes those conditions that are caused by illness, genetics, or traumatic injury. In the U.S. alone, those who sustain a traumatic brain injury range to approximately 1.7 million per year.

Brain Disorders and a Gluten Free Diet

While it’s true that foods are not known to treat or even cure brain damage, a nutritious diet can actually aid in the healing process. In addition, some foods can hinder. For example, gluten can affect the neurological system. In fact those with celiac disease report gluten sensitivity that result in brain-fog to headaches and even tingling in the extremities.

Epilepsy, depression and anxiety are other neurological illnesses that react to gluten.  There have even been conditions like bipolar disorder reported that may be affected by the intake of gluten.

Of all the brain disorders, depression and anxiety are on top of the list. It is not known why these two conditions are so affected by gluten or what the telltale sign is. However, those suffering from celiac disease can quickly tell when they have had gluten. They feel less effective. They feel clumsy.

ADH is another frequent complaint in both children and adults.  Work and school performance is much better when on a gluten free diet.

A gluten free diet is not a cure for brain damage, however, the studies show that it clearly aides in the healing.  In fact, to go a step further, gluten has also been found to affect your balance and nerve functions.

There isn’t a question that gluten sensitivity can lead to a variety of brain and neurological issues.  Gluten can affect so many functions in the body.  But, these symptoms can be resolved by following a strict gluten free diet.

So the question is can a gluten free diet reverse brain disorders? Perhaps not completely reverse them, but they can absolutely have an effect on overall quality of life, and help minimize negative symptoms.

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