20 Jul 2018
gluten free party

In the days of old, gluten-free could have typically was described as taste-free. Muffins crumbled, cupcakes were dense and flavorless, and the bread — let’s not even talk about the bread.
Now, it is so encouraging and exciting how far gluten-free foods have come! What was once tolerated is currently anticipated, what used to be snuck into a napkin to be tossed discreetly is now scarfed down quickly with high hopes of seconds.

Tips for Hosting a Gluten Free Party

It is simpler and tastier now than ever before to host a gluten-free party! Here are some suggestions for your next gathering.

Appetizers – No hangry guests on your watch!

The fastest way to success when hosting your summer party is by offering food right off the bat. People like to gather, snack and chat and offering some tasty gluten free nibbles; you’ll be setting the tone for a festive gathering. Here are a few appetizers we happen to love. Chocolate, Graham, or cheddar cheese snackers are always a hit at the food table.  Fresh fruits on skewers are a refreshing and yummy treat. For added crunchy satisfaction, be sure to include corn chips and salsa.

You may also enjoy these appetizer recipes:

Main Dishes – beyond grilled steak

There’s no doubt that meat is an excellent food choice for celiacs and sure, grilled steak is tasty. However, how about adding a few other unexpected ideas? Gluten Free Pizza is always a crowd pleaser. Of course, it can be cooked in the oven but have you tried grilling it? YUM! Hamburgers and hotdogs are a traditional favorite and the buns are now not just palatable but tasty!

You may also enjoy these main dish recipes:

Sides – Salad, salad, and more salad

Your main dish creations may get all the credit, but the side dishes are where you can have all the fun! Green Salad is always favorite at parties. Fresh, local veggies add flavor and interest.  A creamy potato salad is filling and a crowd favorite. Or you could surprise your gluten-free guests with a pasta salad made with gluten-free pasta. Comfort food at its best!

Here are some fun side recipes:

Dessert – Anticipated, expected, never disappoints

If having an appetizer is the fastest way to party the success, dessert is your beeline to stardom. Who doesn’t love a few sweet nibbles after all those savory indulgences?  If you are looking for traditional, cupcakes, brownies, and gluten-free ice cream are always enjoyed.  For a refreshing twist, you really should try a watermelon cake. Your guests are sure to love it!

You’ll love these gluten free dessert recipes:

Use some of these ideas and your party is sure to be the talk of the town – because gluten-free can be excellent!

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