12 Dec 2018
dating with celiac disease

The dating world is tough these days, though there are more ways to find someone special now than ever before. In the past, you had to meet someone when you were out and about, find someone in your class at school, or get introduced to someone through mutual friends. Today, there are online dating services, matchmakers, speed dating options and plenty of other ways to find someone special. Dating makes most people nervous, but if you have celiac disease, there are even more complications. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the dating world and your disease at the same time.

5 Tips for Dating with Celiac Disease

Tip 1: Call Restaurants Ahead

Everyone has to eat and going out for meals is often a frequent go-to date. When you are meeting someone, possibly for the first time, the last thing you want to do is ask the waiter question after question. You know it’s for your health, but it might come off as if you are picky and that’s not always attractive. Instead of feeling embarrassed about the questions you have to ask, call the restaurant ahead of time and check things out. Then, when you arrive, you’ll know what you can and cannot order and how to ask for certain things to get them in the right manner. If you find the restaurant isn’t going to accommodate you when you talk to them over the phone, suggest a different location you know will.

Tip 2: Include A Brief Description

When you are getting to know someone, you talk about your family members, your job, and other parts of your life. Even though you likely don’t want it to be the case, celiac disease is a big part of your life. As you are chatting and getting to know one another, include a brief description of the ailment and what it means. You don’t have to go into your symptoms, but it is good for the person to know about your ailment so they can be sensitive to it when you are out doing things together as well. If things move forward with the relationship, they are going to need to know about it.

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Tip 3: Choose Locations

It can be hard for a new couple to figure out where they want to go and what they want to do on dates. Each person in the new relationship wants to make the other happy so neither wants to suggest anywhere the other wouldn’t like. However, with your situation and your celiac disease, you are better off choosing the location and the activity. You probably have go-to places that you know are safe and you’ll be able to be yourself and have more fun if you know the things around you won’t make you sick.

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Tip 4: Cook Dinner at Home

Once you’ve moved past the first couple of dates, you may feel comfortable enough to invite your new friend over for dinner. Here is where you can 100% guarantee stress-free eating and this relaxed environment will only strengthen your relationship. Of course, we know that just because an ingredient is labeled gluten free, it doesn’t mean it’s taste-free, but you do want to be mindful of your friend’s palate preferences.

Here are a few dinner recipes to consider:

Tip 5: Know Not Everyone Is Worth it

When you meet the right person, they’ll want to know everything about you and they’ll accept you for who you are and what your celiac disease means in your life. Not everyone will be that way and if you run across people who aren’t as accepting, understand that they aren’t worth it. Don’t feel bad about having the disease–it’s not your fault. If certain people can’t see past it, they aren’t worth your time anyway.

Dating is never going to be easy, but it can be even harder when you also have to deal with celiac disease. With any luck, you’ll run across the right person sooner rather than later and with these tips, you can make it through the dating process even with celiac disease.

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