17 Aug 2017
healthy living tips

Healthy living tips are vital in today’s rising rates of overweight, obesity and different kinds of food allergies. It’s crucial that when you pack your child’s lunch box, you ensure that it contains all nutrients. Note that, approximately a third of nutrients taken by your child in a day is in the lunchbox you pack. What do you do to foster healthy living tips for your child with the unpredictable nature of your day? What do you pack if they are celiac or gluten sensitive? Here are some healthy living tips.

3 Important Healthy Living Tips for Back to School Lunches

Get your child involved

You can get your child to assist you with the packing, so you will not have to do all the work.

  • Include your children in the grocery shopping trips and encourage them to help you choose items to purchase.
  • Give your child options on the food they want to have in their lunchbox. Let them be the ones to make the decision, but steer them in the direction of the healthier choices.
  • Get the next day’s lunch ready with your child and make it a fun moment for both of you.

Include all food groups

Incorporate different types of food groups to make a balanced diet.

  • Sandwich bread, tortillas and rice are just a few of the whole grains that can be added to their lunchbox
  • For lean proteins, consider boiled farm eggs, baked chicken, or nuts.
  • Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals; any veggie will do whether fresh, baked or frozen. Could be carrots or kale chips.
  • Kids love fruits, and they can come in many forms: pureed, canned, dried, or fresh. Could be apple chips or even dried fruit sprinkles!
  • Yogurt or cheese is also a good idea for low-fat dairy.
  • Don’t forget to add a healthy treat! We love these gluten free cookies because they have a lower sugar content than their traditional counterparts.

Encourage hydration

Encourage your child to stay hydrated. About eight glasses of water are enough for the day. Encourage the child to drink more when you:

  • Let them choose their water bottle.
  • Add a few pieces of frozen fruit, to make the water a bit sweeter.

The list below contains a few fun lunch box ideas that add up to the healthy living tips for celiac and gluten sensitive children

  1. Ancient grains bread with a slice of cheese
  2. Roasted chicken drumstick and air dried popcorn
  3. Egg, ham and cheese snack pack
  4. Gluten free seeded bread topped with tuna
  5. Wholegrain mustard crackers and tahini

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