29 Nov 2016
gluten free gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, but finding the perfect gift for your foodie friend who happens to be gluten free is even tougher. Luckily as more people are jumping on board with a gluten-free lifestyle, more and more gluten-free products are becoming available. We’ve compiled a list of some great gluten-free gift ideas for you to consider to giving to your gluten-free foodie friend.

Gluten-free Gift Ideas

1. Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great gift for a friend as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Your friend will think of your generosity each month as they open their mailbox and dive into magazines dedicated to gluten free living. Here are a few great ones to choose from:

For more great magazine ideas we love, visit this post.

2. Cookbook

Cookbooks are simple gluten-free gift ideas that your friend will love. A cookbook will help your friend branch out from their regular go-to recipes, and they may even want to test out some new dishes for you. Win-win!

Urban Tastebud offers an excellent list of  The 10 Best Gluten Free Cookbooks You Must Have in Your Kitchen

3. Gift Card

Restaurants are slowly adapting gluten-free options to their menu making restaurant gift cards a great and simple gift idea. California Pizza Kitchen, P.F. Changs, and Maggianos all have delicious gluten-free choices available.

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4. New Bakeware

If your friend enjoys baking, then new bakeware would be a great gift for them.  King Arthur Flour makes a bread loaf pan with higher sides on the pan to support the extra support gluten-free yeast bread needs.

5. Gluten-free Food Goodies

Yummy treats are gluten-free gift ideas that your friend will love to indulge in such as:

6. Gluten-free Beer Sample

Finding a gluten-free beer can be a challenge so that a gluten-free beer sampler will be a great surprise gift. You can order 12 craft gluten-free beers just make sure to specify when ordering that you need beers that are certified gluten free.

7. Cooking Classes

A cooking class is a great way for your friend to learn some new gluten free recipes. A simple Google search for gluten-free cooking classes in their area should provide you with some options, or you can visit Cook’s Warehouse or Hal’s Kitchen to find classes close to you. If there isn’t anything available in your area, there are online gluten-free cooking classes that can be taken virtually anywhere.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be daunting when you have a gluten-free foodie friend to shop for, we hope our tips have helped!

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