28 Feb 2019
gluten free bread

For any sandwich lover newly diagnosed with celiac disease, a common concern is the fact that they must give up traditional bread that they’ve known and enjoyed their entire life. So, it’s not unusual for the first question to be  “what’s the best gluten free bread?”

In fact, it was this very question from our founder, Jane Trygar (who’s family ran a bakery) asked when she found out she had celiac disease many years ago. Thanks to Jane’s baker husband (who worked for her dad), they were able to create the perfect blend of gluten free flours and other ingredients to bring you what many consider to be the best gluten free bread options, Three Bakers Gluten Free Bakery.

What’s the Best Gluten Free Bread?

If you’re asking yourself this question, we’d like to break down a few options to help you decide which is right for you ….  it very well may be ALL of them!

7 Ancient Grains Whole Grain Bread

what's the best gluten free bread

Ancient grains, including Flax, Quinoa, and Millet give this bread a great texture and subtle flavors. It’s a great source of whole grains and an excellent source of fiber. Plain or with your favorite meats, our 7 Ancient Grains bread combines the goodness of old style whole grain and a soft texture that many Three Bakers customers love. 7 Ancient Grains is one of our most popular flavors!

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Here are what some of our customers have to say about 7 Ancient Grains:

“Your 7 Ancient Grains Whole Grain Bread is the best gluten free bread we have ever tasted. My husband is celiac and has been totally gluten free for 10 years. Usually, I make everything myself, but when he tried this 7 Ancient Grains Whole Grain Bread, he liked it better than the bread I made fresh. You out to consider making your buns and stuffing with the same ingredients. It is healthy and tastes better in our opinion. Keep up the good work!” – Kathie

“Flat out delicious! Great for toast or sandwiches; and because the loaves are a smaller size, it doesn’t go to waste (or waist!). Firm enough for nice crispy toast, soft enough for luncheon meats and condiments; holds together well and doesn’t disintegrate. Stores well in the fridge. Excellent flavor – I like the white bread too, but this is my favorite.” – Eileen

“Bought this bread at Publix in Sarasota FL while there on vacation. The BEST GF bread I’ve found anywhere EVER!!!” – Susie

Great Seed Whole Grain and 7 Seed Bread

whats the best gluten free bread

This bread, like all our breads, is whole grain and an excellent source of fiber. Additionally, it is made with all non-GMO ingredients.  Makes a great sandwich without toasting. But, toasting really enhances the flavor of the seeds. Great Seed really elevates a sandwiches flavor and nutritional value.

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Here is what some of our customers have to say about Great Seed:

“If you like a great bread with seeds in it this is for you. Great with Butter & Peanut Butter. I bought mine in Arizona, wish it were in Minnesota!!!” – Jeffrie

“This is the BEST bread I have ever purchased! The texture and flavor is amazing! NO joke! It makes the best sandwiches, toast, and I use this bread when I make my fabulous French toast and my family loves it! Thank you Three Bakers for making this bread!” – Charlotte

Whole Grain White Bread

whats the best gluten free bread

The staple bread for every gluten free household! Our traditional gluten free White Bread is soft and perfect for sandwiches without toasting. Strong enough to stand up to chunky peanut butter sandwiches and great for any sandwich you can think of. It is whole grain and an excellent source of fiber.

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Here’s what our customers have to say about our White Bread:

“Absolutely “go to” bread. Always keep this one around. I prefer heated in warm oven instead of toasted all the time.” – Robert

“This bread is absolutely wonderful. It tastes great toasted and at room temperature for sandwiches. Three Bakers is one of my favorite gluten free sources for bread products. You won’t be disappointed!” – Carolyn

“Best Gluten Free Bread I have ever eaten hands down. Most GF breads are so dry and disappointing. I am so glad I found this!” – Brenda

Other Tasty Gluten Free Breads

whats the best gluten free bread

While the 7 Ancient Grains, Great Seed and White Bread may be our most popular gluten free bread flavors, we’d be remiss in not mentioning these tasty choices as well!

Our Cinnamon Raisin Bread is moist and delivers great cinnamon taste and an abundance of soft raisins.

“All I can say is “excellent” in every way! Taste, texture, ingredients, aroma, appearance – delicious!” – Karen

Max Omega is a delicious bread made with whole grains and 5 healthy seeds that are naturally rich in Omega 3 ALA. Makes a great sandwich without toasting. But, toasting really enhances the flavor of the seeds.

“Just bought this bread yesterday and it’s gone! Best gluten free I’ve ever tasted!” – Nancy

Our light Rye style bread is made with whole grains and is also an excellent source of fiber. It adds the final touch to a Rueben, Pastrami or Ham sandwich with or without toasting. It gives you that great Rye taste you’ve been missing.

“Love this bread I am so happy I can get it in Colorado. I drive 3 hours to a Safeway to get this bread because for Gluten free–its the best! Their other breads are also the best! Thanks Safeway for carrying it!” – Ging

So, if you’re still asking yourself, “what’s the best gluten free bread?” we hope our breakdown of choices has helped.

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