27 Feb 2017
gluten free phone apps

Whether you’re going gluten-free for health concerns like celiac disease, or because you have opted to live a healthier lifestyle, you may be finding that it can be challenging to stick to your new diet regimen. Luckily, there are now gluten-free phone apps to help you – whether you’re grocery shopping, cooking at home, or eating out at a restaurant. Here is a list of five gluten-free phone apps to help you along the way.

Five Gluten Free Phone Apps


  1. Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Guide by Triumph Dining
    This app is your digital yellow pages for grocery shopping when it comes to gluten free foods. It allows you to find grocery item that carries gluten-free certifications right from your smartphone. It already has more than 30,000 products and growing. ($17.99)
  2. Allergy and Gluten Free Diet Product Tracker by Fooducate
    This app is great for people suffering from dietary allergies that expand beyond just gluten. You can browse through the apps categories section to find products or use your smartphone or tablet to scan an item’s barcode. It works with food allergies like eggs, peanuts, soy, fish, and more. It even gives you the ability to call manufacturers directly. ($4.99)  

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Dining Out at Restaurants

  1. Find Me Gluten Free
    This easy-to-use app allows you to search for nearby restaurants and restaurant chains that can cater to your gluten free needs. It also includes user reviews so you can get an idea of what others are saying about those restaurants ahead of time. (Free)
  2. Gluten and Allergy Free iEatOut
    If you’re craving ethnic foods like Chinese, French, Mexican, or Italian, this app will help you find the dining options that will cater to your needs. It covers seven different ethnic styles of food. This fantastic app allows you to explore each restaurant’s ingredients, preparation techniques, and cross-contamination. ($4.99)
  3. Dine Gluten Free
    Supplies you with peer reviews of businesses that claim to be allergen friendly. It includes restaurants, bakeries, cafes, etc.. The coolest thing about this gluten free phone app is that it applies to businesses around the world. (Free)

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Giving up gluten is easier than ever with these gluten-free phone apps. With your phone, you’re just a swipe away from great gluten-free products and restaurants.

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