03 May 2019
gluten free bloggers

The internet is exploding with ideas and inspiration, which can be exciting yet daunting too. While it can be fun to spend hours scrolling through feeds, sometimes we just want to cut to the chase with relevant (gluten-free and celiac) info to inspire us with great recipes, product ideas, and information. We decided to revisit our list of gluten-free bloggers to round up some fresh inspirations to follow this spring (and beyond!)

Top Gluten-Free Bloggers to Follow

Eat At Our Table

Formerly My Gluten Free Miami, Amanda Kanashiro is one of our very own contributors. We love her fresh style and mouth-watering photography. Amanda’s blog is chockful of tasty recipes using seasonal ingredients and with an occasional Latin flair.

Amanda publishes recipes regularly and hosts giveaways from time-to-time.

IG: eatatourtable

Website: https://eatatourtable.com/

Get Amanda’s recipes using Three Bakers products here.

The Sightseeing Coeliac

Next, we’ve discovered a blogger and traveler based in Central London. In 2009, Rachel was diagnosed with celiac disease, but it did not stop her to do what she could in her time, which is to cover every corner of the world to travel. She learned to embrace challenges, and through her blog and Instagram posts, she would want to share to people her journey to help them conquer their battles. She shares about her travels and food on each location that are gluten-free.

See the latest and other interesting insights on his blog:

IG: thesightseeingcoeliac

Website: https://thesightseeingcoeliac.blog/

Gluten-Free Goddess

Browse hundreds of gluten-free recipe ideas on the blog of diagnosed celiac, Karina. You’ll find gluten-free baking tips in addition to tons of low FODMAP info. Comfort food, slow-cooker ideas and a cookbook you can buy. Check out Gluten-Free Goddess.

Website: https://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com

The Savvy Celiac

Most people with celiac learn to embrace the gluten-free lifestyle, and many bloggers or businesses want to let people be aware of it. One example would be Amy Leger who created The Savvy Celiac that aims to empower smart people to become savvy celiacs. Living with a daughter who has celiac at the of 15 and her brother as well at the age of 40, she uses her writings as a powerful tool to equip readers with information to live a healthy gluten-free life.

See more by following http://www.thesavvyceliac.com/

Three Bakers Blog (of course!)

Among the top bloggers to follow and read their journeys is the Three Bakers founded by Dan and Jane Tygar after Jane was diagnosed with celiac disease. Despite her condition, Dan managed to use his baking skills to make Jane’s favorite recipes gluten-free. Not just being bakers, you can also read posts on here that focus on gluten-free recipes to try, or you can also purchase goods from online or find a store near you that sells our gluten-free bread and gluten-free pizza. 

Follow along:  https://threebakers.com/

Other Notable Gluten-Free Folks to Follow

Gluten Free Mom

For Gluten Free Foods, Recipes, Healthy Living. Follow on Instagram and/or Facebook.

KTown Kris

Lifestyle blog with a new emphasis on gluten-free eating due to health. Follow on Instagram Ktownkris and/or  glutenfreelearning

If you are trying to eat healthily and start the gluten-free diet, you can open yourself to new information and different perspectives by reading posts from bloggers who shared their stories and life with celiac condition. Know more about gluten-free products and the restaurants where you can eat gluten-free food on your next travels. While eating gluten is going to bother someone with celiac disease, eating something gluten-free and the knowledge of where to buy one is a must. It’s essential for someone with celiac disease to remain consistent. Utilize Instagram and social media to find resources to take a gluten-free diet. We hope our ideas have inspired! 

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