18 Jan 2016

It’s impossible to walk into a supermarket without noticing gluten free products displayed everywhere. The gluten-free diet trend is widespread and projected to grow to $23 billion in sales by 2020, up from $10.5 billion this year. What some have labeled a “fad diet” shows no sign of declining.

Doctors started advising patients with Celiac disease to eat a gluten free diet when they started to discover that gluten damages the small intestine and causes other digestive problems. While some people test positive for “gluten sensitivity”, doctors are divided on whether a gluten free diet will help all digestive health issues.

As more people say no to gluten, here are the top five reasons a gluten free diet is way more than a fad.

You’ll Lose Weight Easier on a Gluten-Free Diet

When you cut out wheat that is prevalent in processed foods that are loaded with fat, salt and preservatives, you may find that stubborn, unwanted pounds begin to melt away.

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You’ll Introduce More Vitamins and Antioxidants

When you can’t snack on pre-made cookies and crackers, it’s easier to grab fresh fruit and vegetables as a healthy alternative. Not only are you cutting calories, you’re reaping the benefits of boosting your immune system with an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

You’ll Feel Energized

Embracing a gluten free diet means cutting out all the flour that can damage your immune system. Even with a healthy diet, the presence of gluten can make it impossible for your immune system to effectively use all of the vitamins and minerals you’ve consumed. That can lead to anemia and other deficiencies that can make you feel drained of energy.

You’ll Have a Happier Digestive Tract 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues facing people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a digestive tract in constant turmoil. Gas, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea are typical symptoms that negatively impact a person’s daily life. By going gluten free, you can reduce, if not eliminate, these harmful symptoms.

You’ll Get to Try New Foods

Most of us fall into a rut of eating the same foods out of sheer habit. When you try a gluten free diet, you have to think outside the box when planning your menu. Quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice and gluten free pastas are just the tip of the iceberg of new foods you could grow to love. Plus, with the growing availability of great-tasting gluten free breads (made from many of these healthy ingredients), you will most likely never even feel deprived!

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