21 Jan 2019
ways to get more fiber in your diet

In recognition of Fiber Focus Month – recognized every January – this article is going to highlight some of the best ways to get more fiber in your diet. Fiber is a very important part of your diet and often becomes one of the most neglected portions of it. In fact, few people realize just how many benefits there are to having a fiber-rich diet. Some of the benefits include: it helps to control blood sugar, keeps your bowels healthy, is a great way to help control your weight, lowers your risk for heart disease (by 40 percent), decreases your risk for a stroke and helps to fight acne.

With that said, getting more fiber can be easier said than done. So here are four of the most convenient ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Easy Ways to Get More Fiber In Your Diet

1. Begin in the Morning

Let’s face it, these days with work, kids, social obligations, and day-to-day obligations it can be very easy to let your diet get away from you. Many days you may find yourself just grabbing a quick bite in between picking up the dry-cleaning and rushing out to meetings. Most of the time, those quick bites are probably not the healthiest and certainly not filled with fiber. Therefore, you should set yourself up for success by beginning the day with a fiber-packed breakfast.

Here is a list of breakfast foods to help you start your day off on the right foot:

  • Yogurt Parfaits – top-off some Greek yogurt with fiber-rich fruits like berries, nuts like almonds, or some granola.
  • Oatmeal – comforting and filling oatmeal has 4 grams of fiber per serving and like yogurt, it makes a great base for additional fiber-packed toppings
  • Peanut Butter Toast – peanut butter isn’t just full of fiber, its loaded with healthy fats and protein to boot. Spread a thick layer on toast and top it off with slices of banana for even more fiber and a bonus of potassium.

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2. Fast, Fresh Fiber

Another one of the easiest ways to get more fiber in your diet is to supplement your dinners with fresh vegetables that both tasty and fiber-full. If fresh is not easily available, no problem! Go frozen. Peas should become a freezer staple because they are jam-packed with 9 grams of the heart-healthy nutrient. Make them delectable by adding a touch of butter, and onions and sprinkle with bacon to make them irresistible.

3. Bring on the Carbs!

Fiber is simply a carbohydrate that your body doesn’t digest. So, the quickest, easiest way to get more fiber into your diet is quite simply to bulk up on the carbs. Bread, pasta, starchy vegetable, and fruit are fiber-friendly carbs you can easily add to your diet.

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4. Fiber on the Go

Preparing and packing foods that are full of fiber will help you stay on track throughout the day. Almonds are a super simple but sensationally healthy because they also contain a ton of protein to help you feel fuller longer. Other great options include apples, pears, and popcorn.

According to USCF Medical Center, “Total dietary fiber intake should be 25 to 30 grams a day from food, not supplements. Currently, dietary fiber intakes among adults in the United States average about 15 grams a day. That’s about half the recommended amount.” We hope these ways to get more fiber in your diet have inspired you to bulk up on intake!

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