13 Oct 2016

There are many people in the world who have no choice but to abstain from gluten due to Celiac disease or just downright unpleasant symptoms. However, many celebrities are choosing to go gluten free not just because of a medical diagnosis, but to reap the benefits of removing gluten from the diet. Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow have all become gluten free celebrities to lose weight and feel better.

Gluten Free Celebrities Because…

Weight Loss

Gwyneth Paltrow and many other celebrities swear that going gluten free has helped them lose persistent pounds that they just could not get rid of. Not only is gluten typically associated with carbs, which are known to cause weight gain, gluten can also contribute to inflammation in the body and slow gastro-motility. Gluten free celebrities experience easier weight loss, an easier time keeping the weight off, and much more energy to work out with.

Pain And Discomfort

After years of misdiagnosed pain, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View gave up gluten and experienced an almost immediate improvement with her symptoms. People with Celiac disease will experience pain not only in the gastrointestinal tract but also throughout their entire body because of inflammation. Often misdiagnosed with something pain-related, like fibromyalgia, a gluten free lifestyle and can be very beneficial for gluten free celebrities and your average person as well.

Gluten Free Recipes

A few years ago there weren’t as many gluten free product options available at your local grocery store. Sure, celebrities have personal chefs to help them on their gluten free journey, but you can easily prepare gluten free meals at home as well. There are tons of great gluten free recipes available in cookbooks, in magazines and online. Once you learn a little bit about going gluten free and know what is safe to consume, you can begin to incorporate this new diet into your lifestyle.

Celebrities have access to all kinds of medical professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers and more. This makes it much easier for celebrities to change their diet however they want. For your average person, it can be hard to lose weight and do a complete lifestyle overhaul. Luckily, going gluten free can be quite easy once you educate yourself on gluten and the safe foods that you can stick with. You too can feel and look as great as gluten free celebrities do with just a few simple changes to your daily diet.

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