16 Jul 2019
gluten free support groups

It can feel isolating dealing with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or a gluten allergy. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

The internet makes it easier than ever to track down and join a gluten-free support group near you. These gluten-free groups are indispensable for the newly diagnosed celiac and even those who have managed the disease for a long time.

I have a special place in my heart for GF support groups. When Dan and I started experimenting with gluten-free recipes, their meetings were the first place we began selling our gluten-free foods. Three Bakers started with Dan and me, traveling to different support groups, selling breads, muffins, and the famous cheddar snackers.

“You should go into business. Your stuff is so good!” members told us. So we did. The rest is history!

Whether you decide to start a gluten-free business (no pressure) or just need a hug when your doctor brushes off your concerns as ‘hypochondria’, you can’t beat an offline, flesh and blood support group.

Gluten-Free Support Groups

Here are some lists to help kickstart your search:

Beyond Celiac – Celiac Disease Support Groups

A healthy list of groups in North America.

Celiac.com – A List of Local Celiac Disease Support Groups

One of the more exhaustive lists in this post, Celiac.com offers addresses and phone numbers for local support groups in the US.

Celiac Corner – Celiac Support Groups

This list includes international groups. The regional clubs are organized in alphabetical groups and appear to be quite extensive. Information for some clubs is a little scarce.

Gluten-Free Dietitian – Celiac Disease Support Groups

This list appears to be kept up-to-date. Many support group entries have additional information on club structure and function that isn’t included on other lists.

Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK) – National Celiac Disease Support Group

These groups are specifically for parents of celiac children. Founder and post author Danna Korn also offers support for those interested in starting a ROCK chapter in their area.

Simply Gluten-Free – Celiac Support Groups

This list includes international groups, including ones in Canada, Greece, Spain, and even Hungary. If you’re traveling gluten-free you may considder visiting an international support group on your trip!

Ultimate Gluten Free – Local Celiac Support Group

This list provides links to the group websites, which can be helpful for finding the most up-to-date information.

Tip: If you find a group near you on any of the other lists, but the information appears to be out of date, try Googling the group name to find the group’s website.

In addition to the celiac disease support group ideas listed above, we have a nice amount of information available right here on the Three Bakers blog that may be helpful.

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