14 Jan 2019
healthy living tips

A new year has fallen upon us like a winter snowfall. Fresh, beautiful, and full of possibilities. You might look upon a snowstorm and see the limitations but in reality, a winter storm brings opportunity. Living a gluten-free lifestyle can be similar. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the “can’ts” rather than the “cans”.

Healthy Living Tips

A new year is a good time to look at your diet with fresh eyes and a renewed vision for the health of you and for your family. Here are some ideas to add a bit of zest to your gluten free repertoire and help infuse excitement back into mealtime!

1. Buy a new cookbook

Make sure you find one that fits the lifestyle of your family, includes ingredients that are available in your area and has beautiful photos. If you have a small family and need things simple, find a 30-minute-meal style of recipe book that will be simple and encouraging, never overwhelming. If you take snacks to your kid’s activities often, choose a book full of snacks and finger foods kids will love. Hosting a dinner party soon? There are even gluten-free books in the gourmet realm! The possibilities are endless, get creative!

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2. Subscribe to gluten-free blogs

Look up gluten-free blogs and subscribe to them! It’s a free way to have recipes delivered to your box daily, sometimes several times daily! The fun part of subscribing to multiple blogs is that you will have recipes and ideas from various resources – there is sure to be something new and inspiring each day!

3. Try a gluten-free meal box

Subscribe to a gluten-free meal box. Not only are they convenient, but they are also an excellent way to introduce your family to new dishes, most they are sure to love! As with cookbooks, be sure to subscribe to a box that best suits your family’s lifestyle. Dinners, vegan, snacks, family-style dishes, the sky’s the limit!

4. Consider a new kitchen accessory

Make at least one appliance or accessory purchase that will help with meal planning. Would a nice new cutting board help you out during meal prep time? Do you have a vegetable spiralizer? Maybe a new blender, or a food processor. Even new measuring cups or a nonstick skillet can liven up your meal prep time.

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5. Go back to school

 Attend a cooking or nutrition class that is specifically gluten-free. How fun would it be to attend a class alone or with your family? Local educators using local ingredients is a surefire recipe for success.

Make new tracks, follow a new path, and breathe life into your meal plans. Eating healthy and delicious food is a wonderful way to encourage a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

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