08 May 2020

Bringing awareness to celiac disease is something that you can do all year, but it seems to be especially exceptional to do so during Celiac Awareness month!

Celiac Awareness Month is celebrated during the month of May. While a lot of people don’t know about it, it is becoming increasingly popular now that celiac disease is being talked about more. There are some great things that you can do to participate in the happenings around Celiac Awareness month. Here are some ideas.

Celebrating Celiac Awareness Month


Probably the most important way to participate in Celiac Awareness Month is by educating yourself on what it is, how it affects those who have tested positive and how you can be supportive. There are numerous resources online to walk you through. In fact, our website is a great starting point! Here are a few articles to give you more information.


You can volunteer or participate in a Celiac Awareness Run or Walk: There are walks that are put on by the Center for Celiac Research across the country. The cities & states that currently have walks that are already organized are: Baltimore, MD, Buffalo, NY, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Newark, OH, Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, and Tri-County, MI. These walks range from the months of April through May. But if you don’t see anywhere that is located near you, then you can always start a Celiac Awareness walk in your area.

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Throw a Gluten-Free Recipe Party

There are a lot of recipes that promote gluten free ingredients (in fact, we have many here on this website!) that a lot people don’t know about. You can get together – in person or virtually –  with a group of friends and have every share their favorite gluten free recipe.

This not only celebrates Celiac Awareness month but it also lets people see that there are great dishes that can be enjoyed all while maintaining a gluten free diet.

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The greatest way you can raise awareness and band together to find a cure for celiac disease is by donating to the cause. Beyond Celiac is accepting funds to help people people with celiac disease live better, longer, until they find a cure. Donate here. 

However, you choose to increase awareness this month, rest assured we are right there with you.

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