09 Nov 2017
gluten free lunch ideas

Cate’s Corner is a monthly series where Cate shares her experiences of growing up with celiac disease and how she manages it as an active college student. Here is the 3rd installment of her story…

Surprisingly enough, there are many gluten free lunch alternatives for school lunches and after school or pre-game snacks.

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

When I was younger and up until now, my mom has packed my lunches every day before school. From a young age, I found it easier for myself to not have to deal with the uncertainty of cafeteria foods. Having a lunch from home I knew was certified gluten free gave me reassurance and saved me some uncomfortableness of having to talk privately to the chef in the kitchen and draw attention to my Celiac, which was something that my 3rd-grade peers had no understanding of.

Today, on many days my mom packs me a turkey sandwich or peanut butter and jelly on ThreeBakers bread. Getting the right texture and taste was really important to me. There were too many times I opened my brown bag lunch just to find a sandwich that appeared to be put together beautifully with mustard, mayo, and turkey topped off with a layer of sprouts and a dash of salt and pepper. After my first bite, I realized my bread had failed me miserably, its one and only job of holding everything together was a far cry from perfection.

We tried many different ways to prepare the sandwich in the morning. We knew there had to be a “best” way to prepare a sandwich in the morning and have it taste like it was deli prepared by noon. We have found that the best tasting sandwich was using two slices of Three Bakers bread right from the freezer. While still cold, spread a layer of mustard, mayo or your favorite condiments, add your preferred deli meat with a dash a salt and pepper and lastly add your greens, lettuce or as I like it with sprouts! By lunchtime, the bread is perfectly thawed, soft with a great texture and taste. That’s our secret! Enjoy and let us know your secrets!

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