28 Sep 2015
gluten sensitivity

These days, people avoid gluten for a variety of health and dietary reasons. If you’re living with Celiac’s Disease, you have the largest stake in taming your gluten sensitivity. While science is working hard to come up with a true cure for Celiac’s, as well as answers for those who suffer from gluten intolerance, the following are three effective ways to tame your gluten sensitivity and the ugly symptoms you suffer when you indulge in glutenous foods.

Avoid Gluten

The first and most obvious strategy to avoid the unpleasant to life-threatening effects of gluten intolerance is, simply, avoid gluten. In the past, Celiac and other gluten-intolerant people faced a strict diet devoid of bread, pasta, the majority of cereals, etc. Luckily, due to a growing demand, many food production companies have dedicated themselves to producing gluten-free alternatives to our everyday favorites. Walk into any health-food specialty store, and you’ll likely find an entire aisle dedicated to gluten-free eating, complete with bread and pasta options that utilize alternatives such as coconut and rice flours.

Eat Natural Foods

The second strategy harnesses the power of many natural foods to combat the debilitating symptoms of gluten sensitivity, such as inflammation of the gut. While those living with Celiac disease must take their condition with the utmost seriousness, people avoiding gluten for other reasons have a bit more flexibility. Sometimes, paying attention to the remainder of your diet can make up for the occasional splurge. Foods such as raw honey, coconut oil and Chia seeds have natural antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities. Working these foods into your diet can reverse some of the negative effects you’re suffering. Additional options include brown seaweed, Goji berries, stevia and barley grass.

Try Probiotics

Finally, incorporating a high-quality probiotic regimen rounds out the list of effective, strategies for taming your gluten sensitivity. Many, if not most, of the symptoms you’ll experience with a gluten-damaged gut, such as a leaky bowel, can be reversed with the incorporation of an effective probiotic in your diet. Probiotics combat the gut imbalances caused by glutenous foods and other inflammatory irritants.

The gluten-free industry continues to grow, and science continues to research the causes and look for cures for both Celiac’s disease and gluten intolerance on all levels. In the meantime, using the three key ways to tame your gluten sensitivity outlined above can significantly improve your quality of life.

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