20 Jun 2018
gluten free snack ideas

If your child has any type of food allergies-especially gluten, you know how much of a nightmare finding safe snacks can be. Gluten seems like its in just about everything you can think of these days: medication, drinks, candy, the list goes on and on. Lucky for you we have composed a list of 6 gluten free snack ideas for kids to make sure your summer goes smoothly.

Gluten Free Snack Ideas for Kids

1. Cucumber Sandwiches

gluten free snack ideas

Like these from Super Healthy Kids {click image for recipe}

Gut gurgling gluten is replaced in these snackable sandwiches with hydrating cucumber rounds. Your kids will have a great time eating these mini snacks. Simply slice up a fresh cucumber and slide in their favorite lunch meat, veggies, and cheeses for a delicious, gluten-free snack.

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2. Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

gluten free snack ideas

Paleo Grubs shows you how! {Click image for recipe}

Don’t risk a gluten run-in with store bought chips. These baked cinnamon apple chips are delicious, crunchy, and healthy. They are also super easy to make. Get the recipe here and get your kids snacking!

Discover Snackers! Three Bakers’ New Gluten Free Snacks >>

3. Frozen Grapes 


These are a delicious and refreshing option for kids on a hot summer day. Simply toss a bag of grapes into the freezer for a few hours and send it out with your kids to play. They will enjoy the taste and you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that there is no gluten to be found in these yummy snacks.

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4. Tasty Topped Rice Cakes 

gluten free snack ideas

Clean Eating Girl offers six delicious ideas. {Click image to see them}

This is a great way to incorporate some sweetness, crunch, and gluten-free into your kids snacking habits. Take a rice cake and top it with whatever they like best (such as cream cheese and jam) and let them have at it!

5. Baked Egg in Avocado 

gluten free snack ideas

Visit Wellness Mama {click on image} for great tips on making this delicious snack.

Eggs and avocados are notorious for being extremely healthy. Not only will your child be snacking in gluten-free heaven, they won’t have to worry about an upset tummy afterward. Just cut an avocado in half, crack an egg in, and bake until the egg is cooked. Voila!

6. Customized Pizza 

Vegetable Pizza (6)

Swap out the traditional gluten heavy pizza crust and bake a yummy customized pizza on Three Bakers Cheese Pizza. Top with their favorite meats and veggies for a quick, easy solution to satisfy grumbling bellies. It’s one of the many customizable gluten free snack ideas for kids and will keep them running back to the kitchen for seconds.

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If you are are trying to avoid gluten, be it for health reasons or allergies, you don’t have to worry about not being able to partake in all the great foods that summer time has to offer including fruits, vegetables and these fun gluten free snack ideas!


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