30 Jan 2017
why non-gmo

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are controversial. Whether you are a farmer, grocer or consumer it matters what is in the food supply. The reason GMOs first came about was as a means to make weather, pest and pesticide-resistant varieties of common food found in the general population food supply. There is a huge push toward organic, nature and non-GMO foods. Why non-GMO is viewed by many doctors and health industries as the way to go.

Why Non-GMO

Resistance to Pesticides

Food crops which are genetically modified against pests require fewer pesticides. The problem with this solution is that it has been found the weeds are resistant too. Sturdier weeds require more and stronger herbicides.

Food Supply Regulation

It is the job of three agencies to monitor and regulate our food supply. The Food and Drug Agency (FDA), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Department of Agriculture are responsible for what makes it our table safely.

Why Non-GMO is Encouraged

Many believe government monitoring of the food supply is not strict enough. Currently, it is not required to label GMO foods. Many other countries do not sell GMO and consider them unhealthy. Doctors are encouraged by The American Academy of Environmental Medicine to recommend non-GMO foods due to the possibility of unhealthy consequences.

The GMO Arctic Apple

The most recent example of why non-GMO is the way to go is the Arctic Apple. The Arctic Apple is genetically sliced to eliminate the enzyme which turns the color of a sliced or bruised apple brown. The thought is the apple would be more esthetically pleasing.

The case against the Arctic Apple is the same for many other GMO foods:

  • Does the missing enzyme affect the health of the apple crop?
  • When ingested does the Arctic Apple have the same health benefits of non-GMO apples?
  • What happens to the cross-pollinated of other nearby crops?
  • Will it be difficult to determine health Arctic Apples when spoiled or rotten?

These are just some of the questions related to the most recent GMO food. Why non-GMO? Perhaps the lack of labeling of GMO products, unknown effects of world crops exposed to GMOs. GMOs were brought about in an effort to increase the food supply. Until more is known about the effects of GMOs on our health is why non-GMO is the way many choose to go.

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