13 Aug 2018

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, it is “Back to School” time. The summer fun is just about over. Running down the checklist of buying school supplies, shopping for new clothes and shoes, meeting new teachers and picking up schedules. Yes, the chores seem endless. But now, another question arises…..Lunch? How can I make lunchtime fun? What are the kids going to want to see in their lunch boxes? You will be one proud parent when they show off these delicious, colorful
rainbow sandwiches, to their friends.

For these rainbow sandwiches, I used three different types of jelly – grape, apple, and strawberry.  You can also make these sandwiches with added cream cheese, peanut butter or other favorite spread. Save yourself some time and make these the night before. They will not get soggy.

Go ahead and fill them up, with a treat, they will be begging you to make. If your child is a veggie lover, you can layer his/her favorite ingredients also. Nothing spells “love” more than a rainbow sandwich, to brighten their days.

Gluten Free Sandwich Idea – Rainbow Sandwiches



1. Spread 1 TBS of each jelly onto each slice of bread. Stack on top of each other to form a sandwich.
2. Cut off crusts.
3. Slice diagonally, making triangle shape.

Also included are Three Bakers Cheddar Cheese Snackers flavored with taco seasoning.

Taco Cheddar Cheese Snackers



1. Add snackers to microwave safe bowl. Heat for 1 minute. Remove
2. Add taco seasoning. Toss

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