12 May 2016
myths of celiac disease

Even in the information age, misunderstandings still abound when it comes to celiac disease. You’re well aware of that fact if you’re dealing with it. Here are some thoughts to consider in busting some of the myths of celiac disease.

Common Myths of Celiac Disease

Just an Allergy

This is a common assumption especially among those who don’t have the disease. Often, people who believe that mean well but their tendency is to downplay what the disease means to the sufferer. Those with the disease are dealing with an autoimmune disease, not an allergy.

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It Might Go Away

This myth is closely connected with the allergy myth. The thought is that since some allergies come and go, then celiac disease can do the same thing. This myth becomes further entrenched by the fact that there are times in the life of someone with the disease that symptoms vary in severity. The truth is that there is no cure for celiac disease. Once someone has the disease they always will. It won’t go away but you’ll constantly find ways to better cope.

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Cheating Is OK

What you need to know is that it’s not ok to give in and eat gluten occasionally. Your body and life will suffer. You’ll also run a greater risk of cancer by doing so. Just as your body is recovering from the last splurge, it’ll be thrown off again. Instead, always be on the lookout for new snacks, desserts and meals that work for you. Then you can splurge without putting a hurt on your health.

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Is My Life Ruined?

No. Don’t believe that myth for a minute. Having celiac disease doesn’t mean that your life is over. Ironically, you may end up healthier than many who don’t have your struggle. The tendency is to take good health for granted. Others may do this but you know that you don’t have that option. Adequate sleep, regular exercise, low-stress levels and a healthy diet have to happen. You know that all too well and are committed to a full life. That just may put you in a place that you experience a healthier weight and life than many around you who don’t have the disease.

In conclusion, the adversity of celiac disease can work to your advantage. Fighting it will make you a stronger person. That quality will serve you well throughout all areas of your life.

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