16 Nov 2017
gluten free thanksgiving
We love all the wonderful creations of our favorite gluten free bloggers. Just a small scan of Instagram has my mouth watering all day long! That’s why we thought it would be fun to find out what their favorite gluten free Thanksgiving dish is. Afterall, who loves sharing food ideas more? No one that we can think of! Find out what they had to say.

What is Your Favorite Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dish?


Amanda, Gluten Free Miami
My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is Macaroni and Cheese (of course that just may be my favorite side dish in general!), my grandmother never cooked much, but it is the one dish she always made just for me. After being diagnosed with Celiac, she began to make it for me with gluten free pasta. So yummy. I recently made my own version of gluten free mac & cheese. I added in some Butternut Squash and it made it super creamy, plus a tad healthier.


Brianna, A Different Survival Guide
Brianna says she loves to make a fall-themed pie. Her crust is even award-winning—chosen by Cup4Cup in a 2015 contest! As a type 1 diabetic, the rest of her Thanksgiving menu is very low carb in anticipation of a big slice! You can expect her to post a how-to on her blog this year.
Follow Brianna on Instagram @breezygfreezy,  www.adifferentsurvivalguide.com


Colleen, FODMAP Life
I love Sweet Potato Stuffing because it was something my Mom would make every Thanksgiving and it was delicious.  You can definitely make this dish gluten-free and low-FODMAP.
Get some great FODMAP info, resources, and recipes from Colleen at www.FODMAPLife.com



Tracy, Nutrimom 
My favorite gluten free Thanksgiving dish is Thanksgiving Leftover Waffles. They are the perfect way to have your Thanksgiving leftover sandwich without any of the food falling out!

Find more on Tracy at her website here, AllergyPhoods.com

Sandi, Fearless Dining
One of our favorite desserts for Thanksgiving is this Gluten Free Creamy Apple Pie. This is the most fool-proof recipe on my blog, but it tastes like you bought it in a bakery. Each year we head up to my sister in law’s family for Thanksgiving. Her family has a beautiful Pipin apple tree in their front yard. It is almost a family tradition to pick the apples and make this cake together.


As you can see our recipe creating friends enjoy some amazing gluten free Thanksgiving meals! We love the stories and recipes! What is your favorite dish on Thanksgiving? Share with on our Facebook page.
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