09 Aug 2016
natural health trends

When it comes to natural health trends there are usually two distinct groups, those that love them and follow every single trend that emerges and those that despise them and will deliberately go against them. Then there is an in-between group, the group that is happy to sort through health trends to find the ones that will work for them.

So what is it about natural health trends that make us all feel so crazy sometimes?

Here are things we both love and hate about natural health trends

  1. Anyone Can Do It – Anyone can discover or come up with a natural health trend. On one hand, it is annoying, on the other hand, it could be the health change that turns things around for you!
  2. They Give True Disease a Bad Wrap – When it comes to celiac disease natural health trends can be frustrating. For example the gluten free health trend. This has resulted in a lot of annoyance from the general public. It also results in those of us with Celiac disease not being taken seriously. The upside is there are now many more gluten free products on the shelves.
  3. They Cost Money – Many health trends and crazes are very expensive. The flip side to this is, if they work for you, you may think the benefits far outweigh the cost.
  4. They Work for A While – Sometimes a health trend will seem to be making a difference for the first few months then bam, everything goes back to the way it was before. This is the short term effect model and many health products make a ton of money from it. The main thing to remember is not every trend is right for every person, but it’s important to try and find what will work best for your body.
  5. The Eye Rolls – Whether it works or not, many people have been so bombarded with natural health trends that they will just roll their eyes at you. This makes it hard to share the good news when something really does work!
  6. They are Trends – While being trendy can be a great way of getting the news out, trends often die out. This can be frustrating when you find something that works only to have the trend end, making it harder to get the products you need.
  7. There are So Many – It is overwhelming sometimes weeding through or just hearing about the newest health trend but it can also be interesting and sometimes even leads to a cure.

Health trends, love or hate them, they are here to stay!

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