17 Nov 2016
gluten free thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is coming soon and if you need to avoid gluten it can be a rough time rather than a relaxing, enjoying day with family. There are some great gluten free dishes that you can incorporate into your holiday meal this year so you don’t have to spend the whole time avoiding food.

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Gluten Free Sausage, Cabbage, and Apples

This dish is perfect for the cold Thanksgiving weather. It’s as easy as placing some Italian sausage sliced in half, shredded red cabbage, apple and red wine vinegar in a dish together.

Spatchcock Turkey

Ask the butcher to remain the backbone of your turkey then spatchcock it and cook with orange and anise.

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Gluten-Free Stuffing

Gluten-free stuffing is easy when you’ve got a good mix. Our Herb Seasoned Whole Grain Cubed Stuffing is wonderfully seasoned and is an easy to make dish to serve just the way it is, or if you want some ideas for dressing it up, check out Three Bakers Gluten Free Stuffing Mix – 10 Ways.


  • Mashed – Spice up your mash potatoes with sour cream and paprika. Use a traditional recipe and replace the cream with sour cream.
  • Lemon and Parsley Roasted Potatoes  – Slice potatoes into fingers then roast with lemon juice and parsley. Slice potatoes into fingers then roast with lemon juice and parsley.
  • Blue Cheese Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes get a boost with walnuts and blue cheese. Bake sweet potatoes in a little olive oil and maple syrup, add sauteed walnuts and blue cheese at the end.

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Sauteed Pears

Butter, walnuts, and bacon bring sauteed pears to a new level. Bake or saute pears in butter adding small pieces of bacon and walnuts, continue to sautee till bacon is cooked.

Healthy Sides

  • Slow Roasted Sage Green Beans – Slowly roast green beans in some olive oil and salt alongside with sprigs of sage.
  • Roasted Beets Roasted beets are delicious when roasted with marjoram and sesame seeds.
  • Kale Salad – Kale is the perfect dish for Thanksgiving. Blend lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt to make a simple yet delicious dressing.

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Chocolate Bark

Easy to make and delicious you can add any of your favorite nuts or candies to melted chocolate to create amazing tasting bark.

Be sure to bookmark these great gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner ideas so that you can be inspired to make a different delicious holiday meal this year.




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