11 Sep 2018
technology for gluten free living

When you think of advancements in technology, often things like cell phones, airplanes, and medical procedures. But if you live with a gluten-free diet, there are some pretty fabulous tech tools for you as well. 

Technology For Gluten Free Living


At the top of the list is a little triangle shaped device called Nima. The Nima website claims that it can detect gluten in three minutes with one small sample. This tiny device can provide those who suffer from celiac disease as well as parents of young children with allergies the assurance that is long overdue. According to the website, you can purchase pocket-sized Nima for under $300 and you can be reimbursed through your HSA. Whether eating out or at a friend’s house, Nima is a life-changer.


Dining out? Better make sure you download Find Me Gluten Free. Designed to be used when you are looking for a place to dine out, it has been referred to as the Yelp of the gluten-free world. Now Find Gluten Free is another highly recommended app. It is never a bad idea to compare more than one app to help ensure that the information is up to date and correct.

Is That Gluten-Free and Gluten Free Groceries can be invaluable resources when you are grocery shopping. No more reading confusing labels and trying to decipher complicated words.


It is always fun to use modern technology to find local gluten-free connections and recipes. Whether you are looking to connect with folks in your area or just need a quick recipe for tonight’s dinner, Facebook and other social media sites can be just the ticket you are needing to finding what you are needing.

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whole grains help you lose weightNot only have technological advances allowed for ease of gluten free living through devices, apps and online but advancements are being made on the back end as well, through the production of ingredients. In a study published by Innovative Food Technologies, it is stated, “Innovative manufacturing technologies are improving the texture of gluten-free products and the development and use of flours, starches, and bran made from alternative ingredients, are enhancing taste and appearance.” One such advancement is the use of Pulses — the edible seeds of leguminous crops —  which is being used to create flour and starch-like substances in gluten-free products. 

Though, not a comprehensive list, this is a good start. The hope is that this list can help inspire you to find the perfect technology to use to help improve and simplify your gluten-free lifestyle.

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