07 Jan 2014

My gluten-free new year’s resolution is to find more ways to get gluten-free products to those who don’t have access. Many people don’t have gluten-free options near by and don’t have access to gluten-free options they miss. That’s why in 2014 I want to try and help as many families as possible by getting gluten-free products to their doorstep. I believe every family should be able to enjoy the many gluten-free products out there now which is why I hope to be able to bring that to them soon!

Taylor gluten-free blogger at gluten-away

Taylor is a 16-year-old gluten-free blogger. His experience living with celiac disease, POTS and a rare type of adrenal disorder inspired him to begin using his blog Gluten Away to educate and encourage others. You can find him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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