20 Feb 2018
best gluten free snacks

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity can be difficult to navigate if you are new to this diagnosis and you aren’t sure where to even begin. It can be overwhelming when you start to sort through your pantry and begin to read labels at the grocery store to see what you can and cannot eat.

Many products contain gluten in them and if you are incredibly sensitive, you may even need to pay attention to where the product was manufactured since gluten cross-contamination can often be an issue to watch out for. If you are trying to figure out what some of the best gluten free snacks are now that you are staying away from gluten, let us help you figure out what your options are.

Here are the Best Gluten Free Snacks

Fruits and Veggies

Luckily, fruits and vegetables are completely gluten free in nature and you can feel free to consume these items as much as you would like. Fruits and vegetables are a super healthy snack option anyway, so being limited to these items may actually be helpful to you in the long run. If you don’t find these produce items to be filling enough on your own, you can add some peanut butter or alternative nut butter to an apple or banana or grab a piece of cheese on the side for a protein boost.

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Nuts and Seeds

Unless you have an allergy, nuts, and seeds come straight from nature and are super healthy. The best part is, they are completely gluten free. You get a ton of protein, vitamins, and minerals from items such as cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and peanuts. You can add a handful of these to a piece of fruit and you’ll have a really healthy and satisfying snack. A gluten free lifestyle can be a lot to take on but with a little research and trial and error, you will have your favorite best gluten free snacks sitting on your pantry shelf in no time. It may take some time to get used to your new diet but you will likely find that you feel a lot better eating gluten free and that will be motivation enough to keep going.

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Pre-Packaged Gluten Free Snacks

If you have a well-stocked grocery store in your area, chances are they have a special section that is dedicated to gluten free items. Some of the best gluten free snacks are just as good as their gluten-packed counterparts and you may be impressed when you try some of them out. There are a number of gluten free crackers, chips and trail mixes that don’t contain any gluten but they are sweet, salty and super good. The best part is, these snacks are usually marketed as gluten free so they can easily be picked out and they probably don’t have any cross contamination on their equipment.

Snacking gluten free doesn’t have to be complicated! Be prepared for any snack attack with a few pre-planned snack options such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and pre-packaged items such as Snackers.

Happy Snacking!



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