21 Dec 2017
gf sandwich - starwich

Follow along as Kerrin Sturchio of Your Allergy Angel shares her Three Bakers creations through our new series, GF Sandwich of the Month. Step inside for December’s Starwiches!

GF Sandwich of the Month – Starwiches

gf sandwich - your allergy angelLet’s Make Starwiches.

Step 1: Use pan on stove top to Caramelize sliced bananas, cinnamon, cane sugar, and buttery spray on medium heat. Set to side when done

Step 2: Spread a thin or generous amount of peanut butter on your bread (Three Bakers Whole Grain White Bread is a great choice!)

Step 3: Add caramelized bananas on top of peanut butter spread, drizzle your favorite honey and garnish with semi-Sweet Chocolate chips

Step 4: Enjoy your seasonal holiday starwich

Side Note: Use Cookie Cutter to get cut the bread into a star-like shape.

Vanilla Berry Starwich
Another Starwich Recipe.

Step 1: Use bowl to mix Silk Vanilla Almond Free Dairy Yogurt with Vega Vanilla Protein (add honey and/or cinnamon for more flavor.

Step 2: Once yogurt and protein are combined spread combination on Three Bakers Bread

Step 3: Use toppings like my personal favorites (pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries, basil, chocolate) to garnish

Step 4: Enjoy your seasonal holiday starwich

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