14 Apr 2018
protein pancakes
Join us each Saturday in April as we share a fun recipe using our award-winning, gluten free treats, Snackers, from student and recipe developer, Kelsey Johnson. Our second installment utilizes our Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor in protein-packed pancakes.

Cookies and Creme Protein Pancakes

For the Pancakes
For the Toppings


1) In a small mixing bowl, crush up the banana with a fork until most of the lumps are gone. Add the whole egg and egg whites. Mix with a fork until smooth.
2) Add 1 scoop of protein powder. Put 12 snackers in a plastic bag and crush them until they are a fine powder. Add crushed snackers to the mix and stir.
3) On medium heat, cook pancakes on a greased pan until golden brown. Make sure to add a bit of cooking spray between each pancake.
4) Top with desired toppings and enjoy!
One serving makes 5 pancakes, has 32 grams of protein, and between 440-470 calories (this includes the batter, toppings, and cooking spray)!
Hope you guys like the recipe! :)

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey Johnson. I am a current senior at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. My major is healthcare management with a minor in science for business. Upon graduation in May, I will begin pursuing my graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania to work towards my master’s in public health (MPH). I have always been a huge advocate for Celiac Disease after being diagnosed in 5th grade and I hope to use my degrees to bring more awareness to Celiac Disease, other autoimmune diseases, and the importance of a gluten free diet. Since being diagnosed, I have had the chance to try nearly every gluten free brand as they came to the market and I have seen the progress that these brands have made over the years. However, once I tried Three Bakers breads, I knew I found my forever brand! In my spare time, you can find me working out at my local CrossFit gym, skiing, hanging out with my parrot named Kiwi, or in the kitchen trying out new gluten free recipes I’ve created!

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