10 Nov 2018
chocolate chip snackers

I hope you all enjoy these fall inspired protein oats! These oats come out super creamy and thick while the chocolate chip Snackers add a good crunch! Also, the volume of these oats are insane (I ended up needing to make them in a mixing bowl!). This recipe is my personal favorite way to start the day, especially after a long workout!

Chocolate Chip Snackers Pumpkin/Zucchini Bread Protein Oats


  • 75-80g gluten free quick oats
  • 250g shredded zucchini (you can add more or less depending on how much zucchini you want! I would recommend anywhere from 200-300g)
  • 1 pumpkin pie flavored greek yogurt (if you can’t find this flavor, I’d recommend vanilla!)
  • 31g vanilla protein powder (I used vanilla Arbonne brand, but you can substitute with other protein brands!)
  • Maple syrup or Walden Farms Pancake Syrup
  • Pumpkin Pie spice
  • Three Bakers Chocolate Chip Snackers


  1. Cook quick oats in the microwave and chill in the fridge for a bit (I like my zucchini a little more fresh in my oats, so I add it in once the oats have cooled).
  2. Once the oats are chilled, add a bit of maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice until you reach a desired cinnamon-y taste!
  3. Add in greek yogurt and protein powder and mix until incorporated. Lastly, add your zucchini shreds. However, always squeeze excess water out of the zucchini shreds before adding them to the oats! This ensures your oats will stay thick and creamy!
  4. Return to the fridge to chill for as long as possible. The longer the oats can chill in the fridge the better.
  5. Before enjoying, be sure to top your pumpkin/zucchini bread protein oats with additional pumpkin pie spice, more maple/pancake syrup, and Chocolate Chip Snackers! The Snackers add a “pie” like element to the oats as well as a good crunch!

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey Johnson. I am a current first-year MPH student (Masters of Public Health) at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. I have always been a huge advocate for Celiac Disease after being diagnosed in 5th grade and I hope to use my degree to bring more awareness to Celiac Disease, other autoimmune diseases, and the importance of a gluten-free diet. Since being diagnosed, I have had the chance to try nearly every gluten free brand as they came to the market and I have seen the progress that these brands have made over the years. However, once I tried Three Bakers breads, I knew I found my forever brand! In my spare time, you can find me working out at my school’s gym, skiing, hanging out with my parrot named Kiwi, or in the kitchen trying out new gluten-free recipes I’ve created!

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