30 Jan 2017
why non-gmo

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are controversial. Whether you are a farmer, grocer or consumer it matters what is in the food supply. The reason GMOs first came about was as a means to make weather, pest and pesticide-resistant varieties of common food found in the general population food supply. There is a huge push […]

10 Jan 2017

It’s not a secret that there’s been a glaring rise in autoimmune diseases over the past fifty years, from multiple sclerosis to celiac disease.  The initial step in curing this disorder is to understand the definition of autoimmune disease and how it can be controlled. Did you know that your body is hardwired to tell […]

05 Jan 2017

Everyone knows that with the New Year comes a list of promises we all make to ourselves about how we are going to improve in the months to come. Year after year, the most popular resolution is to improve eating habits and adopt a healthier diet. It is no wonder that healthy diet trends spike […]

15 Dec 2016
new year resolutions healthy living

The New Year rings in with many making resolutions to start fresh. The majority of resolutions involve a healthy living choice. Examples of New Year resolutions healthy living changes include diet, exercise, and more preventative care. You have made your resolution for the New Year, now we have a few ways to help you make […]

22 Sep 2016
Get Tested for Celiac Disease

Around 3 million Americans are currently living with celiac disease, but nearly 2.5 million of those people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. For those who suspect they have a health issue, it will be a difficult journey that takes 6-10 years, on average, before they are diagnosed with celiac disease. Most, however, will remain undiagnosed or […]

13 Sep 2016

As someone living with celiac disease, you have a greater impact on scientific research and medical discovery than you may think. Treatments and cures? You have an enormous impact on those as well. Patients usually see themselves on the receiving end of medical treatment. Doctors know how to diagnose and treat health problems, so by […]