17 Nov 2015
gluten free holidays

Recently we ran a holiday contest where we asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite holiday story around eating gluten free. We loved hearing some of your stories and thought we’d turn your experience and knowledge into a blog post to help others who may be seeking advice on dining with family and friends this season. Here […]

11 Nov 2015
symptoms of celiac disease

The recent hullabaloo over gluten-free food is more than just another diet trend, it is a response to the recent discovery of the prevalence of Celiac Disease. A seldom known autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people worldwide (according to the Celiac Disease Foundation), and often goes untreated. If you have Celiac […]

29 Oct 2015
gluten free halloween recipes

Fall is here! Shorter days and cooler air set the perfect environment for baking mouth-watering treats. And, with the pumpkin season in full force, what better time to add delicious new gluten free recipes to your baking repertoire. In today’s post, we have rounded up some must-try gluten free pumpkin recipes from our favorite food bloggers that will […]