03 Apr 2020
gluten-free buns

When you think about a hamburger bun, you probably think about hamburgers, right? While hamburger buns are certainly intended for hamburgers (hence the name), there are so many additional fun ways to incorporate these squat bread rolls into your lunch and dinner plans. We’ve rounded up a few in this post. Gluten-free buns for the win!

Recipes Using Three Bakers Gluten-Free Buns

1. Classic Muffuletta

gluten free muffuletta

A Muffuletta Sandwich originated among Italian immigrants in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1900’s. It is made on a large, round and somewhat flattened loaf with a sturdy texture, similar to focaccia.  The roll is split in half and topped with an olive salad and assortment of Italian meats and cheese. The loaf is then split into quarter pieces. A muffuletta can be served cold or toasted.

We love Linda Bonwill’s version, where she substitutes a traditional roll with our gluten-free Hamburger buns.

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2. Turkey Feta Lime Burger

turkey burger gluten free bun

We didn’t say we weren’t going to mention burgers, at all. A unique twist on an American classic comes from the addition of tangy feta cheese. Ground turkey, instead of traditional beef, lightens up the calories and the smashed avocado adds back a bit of healthy fat. You’re going to love the creative twists these ingredients bring!

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3. Pulled Pork Sandwich with Creamy Slaw

Topped with crunchy slaw and piled high on the bun, pulled pork is the perfect slow cooking dish no matter the time of year. This warm and comforting recipe is so easy to pop into the slow cooker in the morning before a busy day and yields enough pulled pork for extra servings on another day. Got to love that! The creamy slaw used to top the sandwiches gives a bit of crunch and sweetness, but also makes a great side dish.

Don’t eat pork? No problem! Replace the pork roast with the same amount of boneless, skinless chicken thighs that have been trimmed and cook as directed.

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4. Sloppy Joes (or rather, meet the Sloppy Mama!)

gluten free sloppy joes

This spin on the Sloppy Joe is an Asian BBQ tangy flavor, with a little bite. You can use your favorite BBQ sauce and just sauté the Asian ingredients into your meat. Top your sandwich with a simple slaw recipe. No need to buy that expensive slaw dressing, when you can make it at home. Be creative and have fun! You know what your family likes, so add it in.

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5. Kale and Caramelized Onion Turkey Burger

gluten free bun

While kale’s popularity may have waned a bit, it’s still a healthy green to incorporate into any meal. Here it was cooked it up with caramelized onions for a super tasty flavor combination. Mixed up with lean turkey and garlic a new burger favorite was born.

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6. Caprese Style Panzanella Salad

gluten free panzanella salad

Panzanella Salad is a delicious alternative to your everyday lettuce and tomato salad. Starting with a base of bread, instead of lettuce, this hearty salad can easily be a meal of its own! There are so many variations, but all start with the same beginning. Toasted bread. Our gluten-free buns are perfect in this style of salad. They toast up crispy and have an almost buttery texture to them. The buns are able to maintain their texture in the salad without turning soggy. It is delicious!

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If you’re hankering for a recipe using gluten-free hamburger buns, we hope these ideas have inspired! Get stocked up and start creating a recipe you’ll have.

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