21 Apr 2020

When it comes time to enjoy a hot dog, the bun can really make a big difference. You don’t want one that is too wimpy for the toppings, and worse of all, tasting like cardboard! That’s why we created a tasty gluten-free bun that you can load up and not worry about it falling apart. It’s soft and chewy. And, that means you don’t have to skip the barbecue anymore. This 6-inch bun is the perfect size for a standard hot dog, but we’ve also got a few other ideas using gluten free hot dog buns up our sleeves, which we’re sharing in this post.

Three Bakers Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

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The Classic Coney Island Hot Dog

gluten free hot dog recipe

A Coney Island Hot Dog is described as a snappy hot dog topped with chili and other ingredients, such as onions, cheddar cheese, and mustard. Many historians will say that it originated in Coney Island, New York.  A Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker was encouraged to sell these hot dogs for a nickel on the streets, in 1916.  Countless New Yorker’s flocked his stands including politicians, actors, sportsmen, truck drivers, laborers, and housewives.  Soon the Coney Island Hot Dog made its way into the Michigan area.

Today, we enjoy this hot dog the same way with a delicious and simple gluten-free chili recipe that can be served, on your favorite hot dogs, using Three Bakers gluten free Hot Dog buns (of course), which was the perfect match. Grill, toast or slightly warm your bun in the oven, for an incredible Coney Island Hot Dog you can serve at your next picnic.

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Reuben Hot Dog

gluten free hot dog reuben style

Looking for something that will be easy to prepare, filling, creative, affordable and loved by all? How about the classic hot dog, but with a twist?  That’s how the Reuben Hot Dog came to be.

A Reuben Hot Dog uses the same ingredients as a classic Reuben Corned Beef Sandwich, with the addition of a hot dog. With very little planning, these were the perfect idea and less expensive to make.

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Lobster Roll with 2 Variations

gluten free rolls lobster

New England style lobster rolls tend to be either warm or cold. Would you prefer a Buttered Lobster Roll or a Lobster Salad Roll? Because these are two delicious, but very different ways to enjoy them. (Spoiler alert, we’ve got recipes for BOTH here!)

The traditional Lobster Roll is warm lobster meat soaked in butter and served on a buttered, grilled hot dog bun. This style lobster roll was said to have been originated in a restaurant, in Milford, CT., as early as 1929. Once this sandwich was introduced, its popularity spread up and down the Connecticut Coast, but not far beyond. Later, this roll was popular in Maine, as well as other States, where lobster fishing was common.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s when the cold Lobster Salad Roll took off into parts of Long Island, Massachusetts and into other New England States. The Lobster Salad Roll is served cold, with mayonnaise. Variations of this salad have also been made with other ingredients, such as celery, onion, and lettuce.

Some will argue which is the best way to eat a Lobster Roll but HEY, it’s lobster. Either way, when served on Three Bakers gluten free hot dog buns, they’re incredibly tasty and you can mix and match to satisfy whichever style you prefer!

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Festive Hot Dog Bar

Sure, a basic hot dog with a bun and toppings isn’t anything new, but we’re making things extra festive with Hot Dog Bar with lots of toppings.  Add the classics, of course: ketchup, mustard, red peppers, pickle chips, caramelized onions, sauerkraut, homemade sweet relish, thinly sliced green onions, and hot pepper rings, but feel free to add anything your family enjoys. Try chili and cheese, mushrooms and Swiss, sautéed spinach and garlic, or roasted peppers and horseradish. The possibilities are endless!

Baked beans, potato chips, watermelon and cole slaw fill out the rest of the meal. Keep things simple for dessert with bowls of lemon drops and gluten free gummy candies in red, white and blue.

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We hope you’re inspired to get creative with Three Bakers gluten free hot dog buns! Now you can purchase them by the case, so you can stock up … just in time for summer.

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